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[Ebook] 6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain By Eric Lemarque – Pcusati.info In This Riveting First Person Account, Former Olympian And Professional Hockey Player Eric LeMarque Tells A Harrowing Tale Of Survival Of How, With Only A Lightweight Jacket And Thin Wool Hat, He Survived Eight Days Stranded In The Frozen Wilderness After A Snowboarding Trip Gone Horribly WrongKnown By His National Guard Rescuers As The Miracle Man, Eric Recounts His Rise To Success And Fame As A Hockey Player And Olympian, His Long And Painful Fall Due To Crystal Meth Addiction, And His Unbelievable Ordeal In The Wilderness In The End, A Man Whose Life Had Been Based On Athleticism Would Lose Both His Legs To Frostbite And Had To Learn To Walk And Snowboard Again With Prosthetics He Realized That He Couldn T Come To Terms With His Drug Addiction Or Learn To Walk Again By Himself He Had To Depend On God For His StrengthNow An Inspirational Speaker Committed To Raising Awareness For The Dangers Of Drugs And Crystal Meth, Eric, In Below, Confronts The Ultimate Test Of Survival What It Takes To Find Your Way Out Of Darkness, And After So Many Lies To Tell The Truth And, By The Grace And Guidance Of God, Begin To Live Again

10 thoughts on “6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain

  1. Natalie Natalie says:

    I liked Eric s ability to be candid about his mistakes in life He tells a raw truth of arrogance, drug addiction, and self destruction This Olympic hockey player tells his own story of going from having a chance at a promising athletic career to the depths of

  2. Helga Cohen Helga Cohen says:

    This was an astonishing survival story about a former Olympic athlete who almost lost his life on a Mountain Eric tells his story as a successful hockey player and former Olympian He loved powder, the snow for his snowboarding addiction and crystal meth addiction Hi

  3. Shane Shane says:

    Was this book even edited I wanted to give it a higher rating but the frustration of all the typos and errors wouldn t let me give it anything higher than two stars.

  4. Janice LeCocq Janice LeCocq says:

    It s remarkable that this man managed to survive his ordeal in the mountains, which he readily admits could have been avoided if he hadn t been addicted to drugs and otherwise just plain foolish It was a fast read, but pretty much another endurance story I ve read better ones, bu

  5. Kacey Wight Kacey Wight says:

    This has got to be one of the worst edited books I ve ever read Blatant spelling and grammar errors throughout the entire thing With that aside, it was not what I expected at all Only finished it because I paid 16 for it Im ashamed I supported this guy at all.

  6. Shandy Shandy says:

    Based on the true story of Eric Lemarque Addicted to Crystal Meth, Eric sets out to snowboard on the mountain, leaving behind his warm, and heavy clothing to protect against the elements Under the hold of meth, Eric makes a decision for one final run, even though a storm is fast approaching Th

  7. Mark Jebson Mark Jebson says:

    Amazing book I grew up and played hockey with Eric until he moved to Michigan for school He was not only the best on our team but was far superior than any player on any team we ever played I remember hearing when Eric was missing on that mountain and thinking that if there was anyone who could survi

  8. Margaret Roberts Margaret Roberts says:

    Living a life of athletics and drugs, Eric thinks himself invincible and in control able to attain whatever he puts his mind to However, when a sudden storm hits him while snowboarding, Eric finds himself lost and alone In a scramble to survive, he tries to find his way back and in doing so, comes to grips

  9. Hunter Hunter says:

    This book has been one of my favorites by far and I look forward to reading Crystal Clear Eric has been a very impactful author managing to talk about his life long family issues, anger hockey issues, and his drug addiction He does all this while making the book interesting, intense, and hard to put down The book

  10. Michael McQueen Michael McQueen says:

    The ONLY reason this book is gettingthan one star is that I respect Eric s story It is certainly worthy of being in a book However, it was HORRIBLY written, and with a co author at that I felt as if the first draft went straight to publishing, because there were mistakes everywhere, making it almost unbearable to read To

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