[KINDLE] ❅ A Concise History of Sunnis and Shi‘is ❥ John McHugo – Pcusati.info

[KINDLE] ❅ A Concise History of Sunnis and Shi‘is  ❥ John McHugo – Pcusati.info PDF A Concise History Of Sunnis And Shi Is Author John McHugo Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk In This Richly Layered And Engrossing Account, John McHugo Reveals How The Great Divide In Islam Occurred Charting The Story Of Islam From The Lifetime Of The Prophet Muhammad To The Present Day, He Describes The Conflicts That Raged Over The Succession To The Prophet, How Sunnism And Shi Ism Evolved As Different Sects During The Abbasid Caliphate, And How The Rivalry Between The Empires Of The Sunni Ottomans And Shi I Safavids Contrived To Ensure That The Split Would Continue Into Modern Times Now Its Full, Destructive Force Has Been Brought Out By The Struggle Between Saudi Arabia And Iran For The Soul Of The Muslim World.Definitive And Insightful, A Concise History Of Sunnis And Shi Is Is An Essential Guide To Understanding The Genesis, Development And Manipulation Of The Greatest Schism That Has Come To Define Islam And The Muslim World. Islam appears deceptively homogeneous to non Muslims The many sects and doctrinesthriving in it are not easily discernible to outsiders, yet for their proponents they constitute all that s worth in life Newspapers trumpet about the Shia Sunni divide and how it rends the fabric of entire societies in Yemen, Syria and Iraq Both are followers of Prophet Muhammad and essentially believe in the unity of God How they separated and what drives them to diverge ideologically is a profound question which this book answers to a substantial amount A simplistic narrative is taking hold in the West which envisages the Sunnis and Shias as engaged in a perpetual state of religious war that has lasted across centuries Nothing can be further from the truth The recent spurt in sectarian violence is in fact caused by political problems that need a contemporary political solution rather than from ideology or dogma An analysis of the strife clearly shows that violence has grown only since the year 1979 and shifted to top gear after 2003 Both these dates are significant for the impact it made in Middle Eastern politics, and

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