A Love Through Time eBook · A Love MOBI :✓

A Love Through Time eBook · A Love  MOBI :✓ Do you think it is possible to conjure up a love in your mind One from begining to end, that may or may not be real Can your mind play a part in bringing someone into your life Can writing about it make it real And then have these things that you have written down, as dreams or fantasies, to become real years later They start to play out and you feel De ja vuYour story comes to life, one that you have written long ago

1 thoughts on “A Love Through Time (found in my mind)

  1. Melanie Melanie says:

    Poetry not proseThis is poetry, not a novel Good story concept not so great poetry I wish that I had known this was a book with a few poems before I purchased it I expected a novel or prose.

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