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Advice to Sufferers PDF ↠ Advice to  PDF \ This is an indepth study on the 17th century view of persecution It gives you a sense of the spirituality that brought oppressed believers through the fire There is no elongated wrangling over the causes of pain and suffering Rather, it is embraced as normative for the journey The wording is challenging for the modern reader and the arguments are structured according to the lines of reasoning prevalent to that era It requires some work but is worth the effort In our modern era of personal rights, this is a theological corrective that is greatly needed Bunyan's main concern is that the persecuted believer carries the pain without malice towards the oppressors or doubt towards God He/she is able to do this knowing that God is both worthy and faithful. This work by John Bunyan, author of 'Pilgrims Progress', is an encourage for those Christians who are suffering under any means The church today can learn how to suffer well from a man who spent many years in prison for merely preaching the gospel of Christ Includes a hyperlinks to every chapter from the Table of Contents and every footnote This was absolutely excellent It is taken from his larger works, but it is Bunyan's exposition of 1 Peter 4:19: Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator Bunyan was a man who knew suffering well, being imprisoned for twelve years, and he gives really helpful advice to any Christian, wether you have already suffered for his name's sake, or for those of us who will go through suffering for the sake of righteousness. this book was probably closer to a three and a half because of the writing style but I had never heard of Bunyan's other books wellwritten wellthought out good, if not great, information besides the old writing style, it was a winner all around glad I read it and I bought his book on prayer for 99 cents looking forward to reading that. Spice of graceGives the answer to so many types of suffering I love the discourse of God not just as King and Father but as Creator The language is a little difficult, but worth the effort. Read half way through then it became very repetitive and not understandable

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