Alien Savage Kindle ✓ Kindle Edition

Alien Savage Kindle ✓ Kindle Edition Becca Knight knows she should count herself lucky Her sister Lily went to great lengths to rescue her, and Lily s brother in law, the emperor of planet Bayroni, wants nothing than to make Becca his pampered wife So why can she think of nothing but escape For as long as he can remember, Ruvne Terestron has been striking terror into the hearts of Bayronis He s lost count of the number of innocent lives he s destroyed But he doesn t feel anything he hasn t for a very long time Until he meets her When Becca s escape plan goes horribly wrong, it seems like there s nobody to help her Until she meets him Dark, dangerous and savage, Ruvne is everything she knows she should despise, but she can t help but be drawn to the sinfully sexy alien with an intensity she never thought possible Alien Savage is a standalone romance novella in the Intergalactic Mates series

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