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[KINDLE] ❆ Amnesia ❥ Jaimie Roberts – Pcusati.info I Don T Use The Term Bully Lightly However, I Have No Qualms About Using It When It Comes To Max Cooper Arrogant Aggravating Annoying Those Are Just A Few Of The Names I Have For Him That Start With The Letter A I Haven T Gotten Through The Rest Of The Alphabet Yet From The Moment I Met Max Three Years Ago, He Was Nothing But An Arsehole The Only Reason We Put Up With Each Other Is Because We Share The Same Best Friend Then, Everything Suddenly Changes When Max Is Involved In A Horrific Accident That Sets Him Back Three Years He Remembers His Friends, But Here S The Real Kicker He Doesn T Remember Me At First, I Think It Must Be A Cruel Joke, But Then I See How Serious He Is Over Time, I Get To Know The Real Max Cooper The One Who Can Be Sweet, Funny, And Kind The One Who Shows Me He S Not Such An Arsehole After All Then, The Inevitable Happens I Fall For Him Just As Things Between Us Begin To Balance Out, I Lose My Own Equilibrium, And I Don T Know Why But, Despite All Of This, No One Is Prepared For The Real Terror That S About To Unfold. What A Rush Mind blowing, thrilling, hot, and completely addictive, Amnesia by Jaimie Roberts was one crazy, wild ride I grabbed it after reading the blurb and read it in one sitting And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.I really don t want to go into the plot here, other than what the synopsis tells you We meet Lucy who I loved and her group of friends who she s known for several years Unfortunately, her best friend, Ivy, is friends with Max He s a total douchecanoe, but because he s Ivy s other BFF, Lucy is stuck with him When he s is in an accident, amnesia causes him to forget how much he hates Lucy and that s when she gets a peek at the real Max Maybe you and I can change that from today onwards A fresh start Maybe the universe meant for this to happen That s the Max I fell in love with He s swoony and hot and oh, so perfect Lucy Max share some sexy times and, though I loved them together, I kept waiting for the bomb to drop Page after page I read, my heart pounding, consumed with this story, dyin 3.75 StarsLucy met Max three years ago and from the first moment, he was a jerk He told her he just tolerated her Max hates her and she doesn t know why but she doesn t want to be a victim any That s why she decided to fight back and be as nasty as him Until the accident Max was in a come for three days and when he woke up he couldn t remember anything that happened in the last three years It means he became so nice to Lucy And then the terror She started having panic attacks, weird dreams, getting threatening messages I knew Jaimie Roberts by her very dark books This one wasn t as dark but still should be proceeded with caution and it s somehow a bit different with what I d read before by her This one was heavier on the suspense Even though I could guess the twist VERY soon, but still it was an enjoyable read and could surprise me yet again It s well written, fast paced and contains flashbacks 2,5 stars rounded up to 3This book is a NA or YA I can never be sure about that, sorry and it is also a romantic suspense Normally I rarely read YA NA books and romantic suspense but I wanted to try this book because amnesia is always an interesting topic for me Also, a dear friend recommended it to meAnd I am sorry my dear friend but this book rubbed me the wrong way, mostly because I HATED THE HEROThe book is normally told by the heroine, Lucy, but there are a few chapters told by the hero, Max, himself It is a book of 237 pages with a reasonable pace but sadly, on page 33, when she had her first panic attack upon seeing a middle aged man in the hospital, I guessed all the mystery and in the end, it was what I d thought it was There was only one moment when I was really shocked the revelation of what Max did and the rest was all what I d expected If I were the writer, I wouldn t put such clear hints I read SCARS from this writer and it was incredibly good so I expected nothing less but I was really disappointed with this one, unfortunately Its easy predictability, the poor execut There s retrograde amnesia where you lose existing, previously made memories Then there s Anterograde, where you can t form new memories Then there s Transient global amnesia where you experience memory loss for some hours Then lastly there s Infantile amnesia, which I think a lot of people have It s where they can t remember the first three to five years of their lifeWhat a ride Its guaranteed to alter your perception and have you dropping your jaw at every turn It was like going down a mountain in pitch dark at night, you re hugging the curves and just waiting for the accident to happenIf you move faster than the speed of light, you end up living your life in the darkJamie has unleashed her mindfuckery in full force and written a book with so contorted a plot that you won t believe what is just unfolding around you.There s a girl called Lucy Lou She s always had confidence issue cause she s been led to believe she s annoying with Just one of those faces Naturally shy, timid, reticent, her friends, esp the boy she likes thinksYou are a miserable, stuck up, frigid little cowWhat a blow to fragile ego of a girl already trying to hide in her skin.The boy in question Max Cooper has an agenda against her, it seems.He meets w

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