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➦ Angels Halo (Angels Halo MC, #1)  Ebook ➬ Author Terri Anne Browning – Pcusati.info Thank God I borrowed this book from a friend thanks.chel so didn t waste money to pay for it She even rated it a low 2 stars, so I don t know WHY I still wanted to read it I like this author s rocker series though, so I thought I d give it a shot I must be into self harm or something cause this was just not good I think the only reason I finished it is because it was somewhat short and I can speed read.ALL of the characters annoyed me ALL of them And the pl Angel s Halo was the first book in the Angel s Halo MC series by Terri Anne Browning I had read book two first and now I m glad I backtracked to fill in the gaps.Raven Hannigan was the Angel s Halo princess She was the first girl in seven generations of Hannigan s She was also the daughter of the original President and the little sister to four additional patched members She was born into the MC, could hold her own and was off limits to everyone.Sebastian Bash Reid was the MC s temporary president He had been gone for a year, after breaking Raven s heart, and was back This time Raven would be officially his.Although the story focused on Raven and Bash, it began the story for most characters within the series Browning also provided the POV s for each one as well Each story was left hanging to be continued with each book in the series and coming to a head with their dedicated book If the first two books are setting the stage for the series, then all of the stories are intermeshing and continuing to be developed with each new book, even after they officially agree to be a couple I enjoyed it but it was a little confusing with so many stories for this I rated it a 3.5, which rounds up to a 4 on this review site With that said, since I had read the second book previously, I actually understood it better than if I had just gone in blind.In the end, it was a quick and entertaining read I can t wait to finish the progress for Raven and Brash, and Spider It must be said that I am a crazy diehard Terri Anne Browning fan Her Rocker series is one of my most favorite book series ever and I ve been reading for most of my life So did I think she could pull off a new MC biker series filled with hot guys and lots of action instead of the hot guy rockers she writes so well Of course I did and of course she could Not only did she pull it off she wrote one of the best MC books I ve read to date Angel s Halo is the incredible story of an MC run by Raven Hannigan and her five brothers They ve grown up in this lifestyle, they will do what they need to do to protect their own Watch out because they ve got a lot of rules to follow, but the biggest one by far is that NO ONE ever touches Raven Hannigan No one that is, until Sebastian Bash Reid He s the enforcer he knows the rules, he keeps everyone in line But he also knows without a doubt he had no choice when he broke the most important rule of all His all consuming love and need for Raven and her equally intense love for him overshadowed eve Creswell Springs was a small little town in Trinity Count, California Population 1,500 maybe It s a quiet town, with small town values Its greatest income is the University just outside of the town limits and the revenue the local Motorcycle Club brings in.Being part of the MC that was Angel s Halo was exactly like being part of a family A scary, powerful, crazy family It was also like its own society There are rules, just as there are in every family, every society But only breaking one of their rules will leave you in a broken, blood pile on the floor No one touches Raven Hannigan.RavenI was the MC s only weakness Or so my father use to tell me as I was growing up Mad Max Hannigan was once Angel s Halos president He made the rules and everyone was expected to follow them or come face to fist with the enforcer I have spent my life in the middle of the MC I knew the rules the penalties for breaking those rules So I knew what would happen to him if I let him break the golden rule But I loved him, like I have never loved anyone or anything before I thought my love would This Is An Alternate New Cover For ASIN B00ICP63XICreswell Springs Was A Small Little Town In Trinity Count, California Population 1,500 Maybe It S A Quiet Town, With Small Town Values Its Greatest Income Is The University Just Outside Of The Town Limits And The Revenue The Local Motorcycle Club Brings In.Being Part Of The MC That Was Angel S Halo Was Exactly Like Being Part Of A Family A Scary, Powerful, Crazy Family It Was Also Like Its Own Society There Are Rules, Just As There Are In Every Family, Every Society But Only Breaking One Of Their Rules Will Leave You In A Broken, Blood Pile On The FloorNo One Touches Raven Hannigan RavenI Was The MC S Only Weakness Or So My Father Use To Tell Me As I Was Growing Up Mad Max Hannigan Was Once Angel S Halos President He Made The Rules And Everyone Was Expected To Follow Them Or Come Face To Fist With The Enforcer I Have Spent My Life In The Middle Of The MC I Knew The Rules The Penalties For Breaking Those Rules So I Knew What Would Happen To Him If I Let Him Break The Golden Rule But I Loved Him, Like I Have Never Loved Anyone Or Anything Before I Thought My Love Would Protect Him.Of Course It Hadn T When Our Secret Was Discovered He Was BeatenSo I Shouldn T Blame Him For Leaving Me BashAs The Enforcer I Knew The Consequences Knew Exactly What Was In Store For Me When Raven S Family Found Out That I Had Dared To Break My MC S Unforgivable Rule I Loved Her, So It Didn T Matter To Me When Her Oldest Brother Delivered My Punishment I Didn T Scream Didn T Groan I Took It Like The Man My MC Had Made Me, And Would Have Done It Over And Over Again If That Was What It Took To Be Able To Call Raven Hannigan Mine.But Then My Past Reared Its Ugly Head And I Had A Choice To Make One That I Have Only Lived To Regret.Taking On The Job As Angel S Halos New President Was My Second ChanceBut Would My Secrets Destroy Everything Raven And I Once Had I hate when there are so many points of views and the main couple is far from developed and the book just ended.. H is 28 h is 18 Lots of different couples relationships being built in the first book When I finished the book, I didn t think gosh I ll read that one again and today I have to really think hard to remember all the different couples and the book is written from each character s perspective We skip from RavenBashHawGracieFelicityJetWilla The next book will be about FelicityJet No cheating In fact no real sex scene until about 70% of book No cliff hanger IMO Epilogue is Felicity leaving and Jet saying he will never let her go This book really doesn t showcase the real life MC but focuses on all the relationship building for future books.The h is the daughter of the former Angel s Halo MC president, who is deceased She has four brothers, all high ranking in the MC Oldest brother Jet is in prison so the h s former lover Bash, who is also the former enforcer for the club, returns after a year long absenc Meeeeeeeh.My favorite thing about Angel s Halo was that it was a very quick audio to fly through Other than that, I was intrigued about this whole bike gang but then I met the characters and everything sort of went down hill I really wanted to like this book a lot than I did but I just couldn t In it, you will m So sweet So predictableSo MC run of the mill storylines.This is my first review and I am already finished the third book of this Biker series.Just so you know before you consider embarking on this MC adventure, there are many POV and storylines going on at once in each book Each couples storylines spilling into the next, while introducing other characters.This MC story can be considered fluff by all accounts The stories are entirely centered on the romance and then there s usually a little bit of danger here and there Raven, who happens to be the biker princess who is the baby sister of this MC family, kinda guides you through the MC world that all our characters exist in Through her storyline, we really get a sense of what her life is like in their small town As for the other female characters who come along, the author doesn t delve as much into their day to day lives Like i said, MC fluff, misunderstood love, unrequited love, mistakes, historyetc.These bikers hang out at the bar and at the Main character s family home Ain t much else going on aside from those two settings As a matter of fact, it s hard to know what these bikers do Seems like only the females work and go to school and do shit This ain t no Madeline Sheehan or Kristen Ashley or Tillie Cole So don t get in here expecting some hardcore Epically painful and realistic Biker saga that rips your guts out and stomp them to gooNo, this biker romance is light and cute with very little edge Entertaini 02 12 2014 Overall Rating 2 StarsBook Cover Book Blurb Book Title 2 2.5 1 2 StarsWriter s Voice 2 StarsCharacter Development 3 StarsStory Appreciation 2 StarsWorth the Chili 1 Star 3.99 on Smexy HEAT Rating Mild to Moderate166 pagesOkay, I ve read one or two of this author s Rocker books and thought they were decent That experience is what sold me on this one Boy o was that a mistake.This one was a hot mess It lacked polish, it could have stood some literate editing and it had absolutely nothing original It really resembled the shit you throw against the wall and watch as it started to slowly m o v e s down leaving a very

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