10 thoughts on “Arachnophobia

  1. Ipsis Ipsis says:

    Aracnofobia, de Nicholas Edwards, editado pela Europa America, diz claramente ao que vem No entanto, e embora seja uma noveliza ao baseada no argumento original, o certo que a mesma fica muito aqu m do filme que nos transportava para um sufoco e uma agonia que quase nos tirava a respira o contudo um livro f cil de ler, pr tico e que entret m numa relaxante tar

  2. Adam Wilson Adam Wilson says:

    Arachnophobia was fun but only just I have never seen the movie but I heard a lot about it so I wanted to read the book to enjoy the story The book was overwhelmingly childish and it made it seem cartoonish and laughable I think that this is a rare case where someone should have had the idea and someone else should have written it as a full novel with good chara

  3. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    Being one of these media tie in books, I had my doubts about this one, but Arachnophobia wasn t bad It s definitely not a book I ll even remember a week from now but it passes the time.

  4. Tasha-Lynn Tasha-Lynn says:

    This was a fun read Barely 120 pages, I wasn t sure how they were going to fit that terrifying movie into it But they did And it worked.

  5. P.S. Winn P.S. Winn says:

    Creepy, crawly, but funnier than heck as readers get to learnthan they want to know about spiders.

  6. Tera (adventuresbetweenpages) Baird Tera (adventuresbetweenpages) Baird says:

    Full review to come once I rewatch the movie I ll post link when blog goes live

  7. John Michael John Michael says:

    The book Arachnophobia by Nicholas Edwards was a good read This book is about a group of scientists and their guids taking a study trip to South America While on the expidition, they find a deadly new species of spiders One of the spiders were sent to California to be examened Some how, it makes its way to the house of Dr Ross Jennings Dr Ross carries arachnophobia The sp

  8. bluetyson bluetyson says:


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