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[Reading] ➿ Ayodhya and After  Author Koenraad Elst – Pcusati.info This book should be read with Ayodhya The Case Against The Temple by the same author Both are complimentary to each other. This ironically reminded me of another polemic Pakistan by Ambedkar who is considered anti Hindu Ambedkar s was better Both books expose the futile efforts and apologetic stance of Congress pseudo secularists with respect to co inhabitation with Muslims in India This book exposes the lies, the falsifications of the mac Ayodhya And After Issues Before Hindu Society Is A Book By Koenraad Elst Published In 1991 By Voice Of India The Book Is About The Ayodhya Debate And Also Discusses Indian Politics And Communalism Elst Opines That Reaching National Integration Requires Dropping The Anti Hindu Separatist Doctrines That Have Largely Been Created For The Purposes Of Several Imperialisms, And Are Now Being Kept Afloat With A Lot Of Distortive Intellectual And Propagandistic Effort The Book Attempts To Examine The Polemics Between Communalists And Secularists In India He Also Writes About Indian Secularism And Communalism, And Alleges That A Clear Majority Of The Riots Are Started By Muslims In Another Chapter, The Author Discusses The Banning Of Books Like Ram Swarup S Understanding Islam Through Hadis In The 14th Chapter He Discusses The Concept Of Hindu Fascism.This Book Was His Second Book On The Ayodhya Debate.

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