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!!> KINDLE ❅ Beside Myself ❂ Author Ann   Morgan – Pcusati.info This book was a struggle to read The world building and subplots within the book didn t mesh well with the character development The story was told through alternate chapters The characters themselves were really unlikable and re I had heard about this book when it first was published.It got good hype.Then some very confusing reviews.I thought I d wait until it all died down then forgot about it.Until I realised I should have read this book already.So I dived in.By now most will know the concept of what this book is about.I think it covers some sort of mental awareness to but I struggled with it.The book goes back and forth in time.That s OK I ve read many books like that but this one isn t with ease for a reader. Beside Myself Is A Literary Thriller About Identical Twins, Ellie And Helen, Who Swap Places Aged Six At First It Is Just A Game, But Then Ellie Refuses To Swap Back Forced Into Her New Identity, Helen Develops A Host Of Behavioural Problems, Delinquency And Chronic Instability With Their Lives Diverging Sharply, One Twin Headed For Stardom And The Other Locked In A Spiral Of Addiction And Mental Illness, How Will The Deception Ever Be Uncovered Exploring Questions Of Identity, Selfhood, And How Other People S Expectations Affect Human Behaviour, This Novel Is As Gripping As It Is Psychologically Complex. www.melissa413readsalot.blogspot.comI have to say this book is really sad, yes sad in that way, but sad on so many other levels The way this mother treats her twin daughters is unbelievable At the age of 6 Helen wants her and Ellie to try and trick people by switching clothes and acting like the other You see, Helen was the normal one and Ellie had some issues they say it was a problem when she was being born This was the biggest mistake Helen ever made in her life Ellie decides she wants to be Helen forever and it really makes you wonder and realize Ellie was a great actress because she really had some issues, but she played Helen to a T Helen ends up having a horrific life I can t believe how her family treated her and I wonder if Ellie would have been treated the same way if she stayed her true self I was hoping that something would vindicate Helen at some point The last few pages of the book was the only happy moment that Helen really seemed to have A tragedy happens in the family and Helen is brought back into their lives for a short time She gets to meet Ellie s husband Nick and daughter Heloise Nick broke down and told her in confidence one night that he always thought Ellie aka Helen wasn t herself She seemed like a different personwell she was But things head South with this visitation and Helen had to leave again Although, I loved the time she got to spend with Heloise, she was a precious little girl and she seemed to love Helen The mother was horrible al This book was quite a crazy ride from start to finish I was expecting a thriller but it wasn t so much a thriller as it was a dark, twisted psychological story so it wasn t quite what I was expecting It was also much slower than I anticipated it would be and I thought it was too long I felt like things were added in to make it longer when it really could have been better if it was shorter and solid as a story I feel like this book didn t really know what it wanted to be It had an idea but it needed to be concise There were lots of uneccessary things in the story and it sometimes went about things the wrong way It was basically a bit all over the place partly because of the writing and partly because of the story The story is told in alternating chapters of past and present from the real Helen s POV There was a lot going on in the past chapters and even going on in the present chapters I thought there was too much going on to be honest and I think it s because there were too many unimportant details on top of the already complicated story I found this book quite hard to This is an interesting debut novel, which explores themes of identity, deception and some seriously flawed, dysfunctional family relationships It begins with two little girls Helen and Eleanor They are twins and Helen is the oldest and the leader Her mother sees her as the good girl while Eleanor Ellie is often troublesome with mild behaviour problems and is apt to get things wrong and need looking after Although Helen is perceived as the smarter and well behaved as the two, it is also cleverly insinuated that she can something of a bully, rather than a leader One day, Helen has the brilliant idea of swapping places and making her, rather severe, mother amused with the joke that her good girl could be Ellie tripping along behind her sister When they go back to the house though, they find that there have been changes they did not expect and then Ellie does not want to change back Going forward to today, we find that Helen now known completely as Ellie, or Smudge has grown from the competent child into the perceived failure that her mother expected Her identity taken, she spirals into mental illness and a life of poverty and isolation Ellie or Helen however, has had success, marriage to Nick and a daughter, Heloise who, by There have been many novels penned about twins So interesting to have two separate personalities who look identical We can t resist wondering what it would be like After reading this novel, I NEVER want to find out I was filled with angst and misgiving much like the feeling I used to get watching old movies where the heroine was committed to a mental hospital when there was nothing wrong with her The injustice of it all Smudge is a beguiling and well wrought character that the reader just cannot help but empathize with Her sadness and loneliness make you ache for her Beside Myself underscores just how fine a line there is between love and hate This novel also paints an alarmingly vivid portrait of mental illness But was the mental illness caused by the events Or were the events caused by the mental illness Or, is heredity the only ca I was very excited to read Beside Myself The description sounded incredibly thrilling and interesting, so I put in my NetGalley request, crossing my fingers that I d get a chance to read this book.Now that I ve read it, I have to say I m kind of disappointed I really thought I was going to love it, but in all honesty I had a hard time reading this book It took me a while to get into the flip flop chapters that take place in third person in the present day and first person kind of It s of a you instead of I perspective in the past The author gives so much description that I found myself s Beside Myself tells the story of twins, a childish game that goes horribly wrong and the echoes of that throughout the life of at least one of the twins.Ann Morgan is a stunning writer the use of language in this novel is really very good and atmospheric, I enjoyed the reading of it for that reason, I just wish I had been enamoured of the story itself You know how sometimes it just doesn t quite work for you as a reader That was the problem I had with this novel One of those No Two people ever read the same book moments.So in Beside Myself two twins swap places one day to tease their mother and others One twin however likes her new personality and doesn t want to swap back The other twin loses her mind Thats basically it in a nutshell although of course there is a lot to it than that I just got a bit lost is allThere were not really any characters I liked Thats not a problem usually I m a fan of unlikeable characters that make you crazy,but in Beside Myself there was not any one of them that gave me the other side of that the need to root for them and get behind them And it all was a little unlikely The speed at which the originally confident and bossy twin fell into a practical coma seemed unrea I thought this was a really interesting book exploring identity and the ways in which that can be affected by society s expectations Helen and Ellie are identical twins with Helen the dominant, smart one who always behaves Ellie had a few problems at birth and is mentally slower and often clumsy When they are six Helen suggests swapping identities to play a trick on everyone and Ellie goes along with it However when Ellie decides she likes being Helen and refuses to swap back Helen finds herself locked into being Ellie, the child who is always in trouble at home, shunned by schoolmates and held back at school Gradually she starts to act out from frustration at no one believing that she is Helen and starts to develop psychological problems Helen meanwhile takes on Ellie s persona enjoying popularity and success.As Ellie grows up, I began to wonder if Ellie really was originally Helen did they swap back after the game and Ellie is just imagining that they didn t until that becomes her reality Ellie is the narrator with alternating chapters following the life of the twins as they grow up and Ellie s current dysfunctional life that she blames on the swap and her subsequent treatment She thinks of herself as a monster but the real monster is the twins mother who favoured one child over the other and treated the other abysmally She really was a piece of work and I really felt for Ellie, constantly put down while her twin was held up as the perfect chi

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