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[Ebook] ↠ Beware of God  Author Shalom Auslander – Pcusati.info Violent Rabbis, Lovelorn Wives, A Busy Grim Reaper, Shame Filled Simians, And One Seriously Angry Deity Populate This Humorous And Disquieting Collection Shalom Auslander S Stories In Beware Of God Have The Mysterious Punch Of A Dream They Are Wide Ranging And Inventive A Young Jewish Man S Inexplicable Transformation Into A Very Large, Blond, Tattooed Goy Ends With A Talmudic Argument Over Whether Or Not His Father Can Beat His Unclean Son With A Copy Of The Talmud A Pious Man Having A Near Death Experience Discovers That God Is Actually A Chicken, And He S Forced To Reconsider His Life And His Diet At God S Insistence, Leo Schwartzman Searches Home Depot For Supplies For An Ark And A Young Boy Mistakes Holocaust Remembrance Day As Emergency Preparedness Training For The Future Auslander Draws Upon His Upbringing In An Orthodox Jewish Community In New York State To Craft Stories That Are Filled With Shame, Sex, God, And Death, But Also Manage To Be Wickedly Funny And Poignant.

10 thoughts on “Beware of God

  1. Maciek Maciek says:

    I ve never heard of Shalom Auslander before picking up Beware of God, his debut collection of short stories I approached the book without any specific expectations, but ended up reading them all during a surprisingly warm afternoon at the park I m happy that I ve read it and that I discovered Shalom Auslander, as his book is a total hoot, and I really had a lot of fun while reading it I m now looking forward to readingof Shalom

  2. Reese Reese says:

    If you re not Jewish, don t expect to get this book better yet, DON T GET this book because, at best, you ll probably only sort of get it If you ARE Jewish, are you ultra Orthodox Are you religious, but don t mind Jews mocking Jews and Judaism Are you afraid of G d Did you answer the previous question with There s a G d Do you think that you KNOW what G d wants Jews to do and not to do Do you imagine that, if G d exists and you

  3. Arwen56 Arwen56 says:

    Questa raccolta di racconti ha un grandissimo pregio breve.

  4. Mark Mark says:

    A friend of mine lent me this book after i had lent him Auslander s A Foreskin s lament They are a collection of short stories with the common theme of God If you are of a nervous disposition as far as God centred stories are concerned then i would advise you to avoid these but if, like me, you bank on God actually having a good sense of humour then read these The language can be a little choice and Auslander is certainly not back

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    Truly irreverent recovering Orthodox Jew Did I mention that he s funny as hell One word YES.

  6. Elliot Ratzman Elliot Ratzman says:

    Beware of Shalom Auslander, he s working out a childhood of bad theology We know from his superior memoir Foreskin s Lament that he grew up in an abusive household in a superstitious ultra orthodox community All of his lingering anxieties and resentments against God according to the blackhats come out in these stories a callous God as a complaining gangster, a big chicken, instructing some schmuck to build an ark from supplies at Ho

  7. Roberto Roberto says:

    Il libro una raccolta di racconti brevi, pieni di ironia e di sarcasmo nei confronti di Dio e della religione Contrariamente al solito, sotto osservazione qui non c la religione cristiana, bens quella ebraica L autore, di origini ebraiche, fa riferimento a dogmi, versi ed espressioni non tipiche della religione ebraica, comunemente a noi poco note.I racconti brevi consentono di spaziare tra svariate ambientazioni e temi differenti, c

  8. Matthew Matthew says:

    So, the obvious thing to say because it is true is that this book is a good mix of Woody Allen and Chaim Potok It is true because it is funny in a Jewish way , like Allen s short stories, and also knowledgeable about Ultra Orthodox Judaism in a Jewish way , like The Chosen or Asher Lev But, really, it s not actually as funny as Woody Allen And it doesn t say anything as interesting about Orthodox Judaism as Chaim Potok does So, if you

  9. Michael Michael says:

    Charming, witty, concise and edgy.Naturally, considering the background of Shalom Auslander, most of the stories in the book deal mainly with aspects, views, history and stories from Judaism though to say only that much would not suffice to pay the content credit The way in which the stories were conveyed weren t difficult to read, but the things learned from them are well worth the time invested this is because of the various referenc

  10. Vin Vin says:

    If you weren t afraid of GOD before you read this book, you may suffer a bit of retributive paranoia afterward My favorite piece was the Charlie Brown allegory Auslander should be writing for the late night comics if he s not already

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