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Kindle Edition  ✓ Branded PDF ✓ Branded Wolves of Drifter s Fen is the first mm gay werewolf Mpreg or Male Pregnancy romance by KY SheltonNews room worker Andy is down on his luck He s an Omega, his job sucks, he s overweight, and his Beta boyfriend is a control freak He just wants a happy lifeBut when an inheritance gives him the opportunity to turn it all in for a country property near a quaint village called Drifter s Fen, he quits his job and leaves his Beta to chase his lifelong dream to paintBut when Andy lands in his new locale, a tall, rich man called Jordan grabs and holds his every fibre He wants him, bad But there s to the man than Andy thought A primal darkness that threatens to take Andy s peaceful new life away And it could tear him and his new Alpha apartBranded is a , word story It contains adult material suitable only for mature audiences

10 thoughts on “Branded

  1. Sierra Sierra says:

    So bad The prose is completely purple and this is one of the worst cases of chick with a dick writing I have ever seen The fact that he is overweight is constantly and grossly described doughy thighs , fat toes , swollen ankles , rounded stomach , among others What is most strange are the feminine names for his body parts cunt , pussy , tits , breeder s behind , and true pussy boy Jorda

  2. Mandy Quinn Mandy Quinn says:

    I enjoyed and liked reading this book though it was a little confusingI enjoyed and liked reading this book it was a little confusing to read though I like the beginning relationship between Jordan and Andy I like the twists and turns in this book I will recommend this book to everybody I know and to all my friends too.

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