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[Ebook] ↠ Caddy Ever After Author Hilary McKay – Pcusati.info There Are Discos At School Several Times A Year, But The Valentine S Day Disco Is The One That Everyone Talks About They Only Sell The Tickets In Pairs You Have To Ask Someone, Or Be Asked By Someone Before You Can Go Torture But It Won T Be Torture If Indigo Casson S Special Plan For The Valentine S Day Disco Works Torture Is In The Cards For Saffy, Though, When Her First Boyfriend Decides To Take Her On An Unusual Date To A Very, Very Dark Graveyard At Least He Didn T Leave Her On A Moor With Rose Yet. I was mildly disappointed with this entry in the series, after the first three The quadruple narrative simply didn t work for me The siblings voices all sounded too much the same, especially as none of them used contractions even in dialogue , which sounded unnatural None of the plot threads got enough space what about Indigo and Sarah Saffy and Oscar , and for a book named for Huh This was an odd one I knew from reading friends reviews that this wasn t really Caddy s story which is a shame I LOVE Caddy , but I still wasn t prepared for how little she was in it.And I liked the first two thirds, but that last third view spoiler Okay, so I d read all the descriptions before I started the series and, after finishing the first book, I was worried about this one because I d grown quite attached to Michael That worry diminished some after the next two books since he wasn t around as much, plus the engagement weirdness.But the whole Alex thing just came out of nowhere and there wasn t really enough time devoted to it Why was Caddy attracted to him in the first place Just the animals I needed of her pining after Michael I mean, I m assuming we were supposed to think that was some of what was going on.And all the wedding stuff just made me uncomfort Rose somewhere along the way completely took over apparently Really all of these last four books are all about Rose, even though Indigo and Caddy get their names mentioned in two of the titles Caddy is actually the Casson represented the least in this volume I did like the format though It made for a somewhat disjointed narrative, but the switch to first person and having each kid narrate a different section really made their personalities stand out I found each part to distinct and individual, sounding genuine to the characters I ve come to know Caddy s part is as ditsy and scatterbrained as she is Rose s parts she gets two sound much younger than the others and her observations are delightful I love her childhood assurance that she is so wise while at the same time demonstrating she has so much to learn Saffy continu Coincidentally, this is the second book in a row that I ve read featuring a disabled character Incidentally, I noticed that all the wheelchair users in books that I ve read are rather reckless and stubborn and or feisty I don t know if this is a deliberate attempt at proving a point, or just a coincident, but it s interesting either way The story as a whole is good, and rem This is perhaps my favorite book in the series I love how different members of the Casson family take turns narrating their own sections of the book It is different from the other three before it because this book is written in first person as opposed to third person This different perspective gives room for the individual characters to show their personalities and styles of writing I especially Caddy, Saffy, Indigo, and Rose are back in the next volume of the Casson family This time it s a little different as all the children narrate throughout the book Saffy and Sarah are dreading the upcoming Valentine s dance and Saffy is haunted by a balloon Rose is still mooning over Tom in America and sets out to make him a perfect Valentine s Day cardas well as a perect night sky for herself Indigo is determined to change the traditional rules for the dance And Caddy is moving on after Michael All of the stories are completely intertwined and we see of the Casson family than we have before.I still haven t liked any of the books quite as well as the first, Saffy s Angel But this was a nice twist on the series although I was hoping for a book all Caddy s own, as Apparently the fourth installment of McKay s saga of the Casson family, English eccentrics with artist parents and names like Saffron I picked it up because it was new and had a nice cover without the benefit of reading the previous 3 McKay does a great job of developing the enigmatic characters through their stories, though without much description or background I found myself waiting for the real story to start, for some details that would suddenly illuminate the characters, that would give me a hint as to why I should care The I read, however, the deeper I got sucked into this family of misfits and their struggles with love, illness, broken down cars, ghost stories and pants wetting When the climactic eve My least favorite Casson novel, so far And by a relatively wide margin Epistolary novels are hard enough, but none of the Cassons have been terribly writerly and it strained credulity a bit to have, say, Rose detailing actual conversations Add that I really didn t care much for the various storylines and you have a book that felt like it was mostly filler.Oh, and what s up with it carrying Caddy s name in the title but only having her even show up in the last few pages Wh the most recent addition to the saga of the casson family i discovered it at my library yesterday and finished reading it this morning, despite the tall stack of books waiting in line to be read before it i love this series and i eat up the new books like a slice of my dad s awesome rhubarb pie knowing i don t get it very often, knowing it won t last very long and enjoying every second of it the family reminds me somewhat of the austin family in the books by madelin

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