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!!> PDF / Epub ☆ Campus Wars  ✪ Author Kenneth J. Heineman – Pcusati.info The 1960s Left Us With Some Striking Images Of American Universities Berkeley Activists Orating About Free Speech Atop A Surrounded Police Car Harvard SDSers Waylaying Then Secretary Of Defense Robert McNamara Columbia Student Radicals Occupying Campus Buildings And Black Militant Cornell Students Brandishing Rifles, To Name Just A Few Tellingly, The Most Powerful And Notorious Image Of Campus Protest Is That Of A Teenage Runaway, Arms Outstretched In Anguish, Kneeling Beside The Bloodied Corpse Of Jeff Miller At Kent State University While Much Attention Has Been Paid To The Role Of The Elite Schools In Fomenting Student Radicalism, It Was Actually At State Institutions, Such As Kent State, Michigan State, SUNY, And Penn State, Where Anti Vietnam War Protest Blossomed Kenneth Heineman Has Pored Over Dozens Of Student Newspapers, Government Documents, And Personal Archives, Interviewed Scores Of Activists, And Attended Activist Reunions In An Effort To Recreate The Origins Of This Historic Movement In Campus Wars, He Presents His Findings, Examining The Involvement Of State Universities In Military Research And The Attitudes Of Students, Faculty, Clergy, And Administrators Thereto And The Manner In Which The Campus Peace Campaign Took Hold And Spread To Become A National Movement Recreating Watershed Moments In Dramatic Narrative Fashion, This Engaging Book Is Both A Revisionist History And An Important Addition To The Chronicle Of The Vietnam War Era.

10 thoughts on “Campus Wars

  1. William G William G says:

    As a period piece describing events on four American campuses in the late 1960s in detail, and many other campuses in general terms, Campus Wars has value but only if the serious researcher uses it as just one of multiple sources of information Mr Heineman seems to have an edge to his writing He

  2. Rick Rick says:

    I was there, of course, during the campus wars that s my college right on the cover so it was interesting to read the history and analysis this author writes He mostly gets things right, but in spite of his extensive research 50 pages of footnotes I think he got some things wrong...

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