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!!> Reading ➽ City on Fire ➶ Author Garth Risk Hallberg – Pcusati.info No Ltimo Dia De Dezembro De 1976, Nova Iorque Prepara Se Para Celebrar A Passagem De Ano Em Times Square, A Famosa Bola Cai Na Baixa, Os Antros Punk Explodem De Energia As Penthouses Da Zona Alta Da Cidade Iluminam Se Em Elegantes Festas Tem Ticas Sobre A Neve Que Cobre O Central Park Derrama Se O Sangue De Samantha Cicciaro Muitos Metros Acima, Na Varanda De Um Luxuoso Apartamento, D Se Um Encontro Improv Vel Entre Regan Hamilton Sweenie, Herdeira De Uma Enorme Fortuna, E Mercer Goodman, Um Professor Negro Rec M Chegado Do Interior Do Pa S A Uni Los Est William, Um Artista Pl Stico A Bra Os Com A Sua Arte E Os Seus Dem Nios Rotas Individuais Em Colis O, Que Nos Conduzem Aos Recantos Mais Solit Rios De Uma Cidade Perigosa, Selvagem, Beira Do Colapso Em Seu Redor, Gravitam Pessoas T O Diferentes Quanto Os Mundos Que Habitam Um Adolescente Suburbano Seduzido Por Manhattan, Um Financeiro Acossado, Um Jornalista Obcecado Com Uma Nica Hist Ria, Um Grupo Terrorista, E O Detetive Que Tenta Descobrir Quais S O As Liga Es De Cada Um Deles Ao Tiroteio No Central Park E Quando A Cidade Se Cobre De Negro No C Lebre Apag O De 13 De Julho De 1977, Estas Vidas Mergulham Numa Escurid O Da Qual Sair O Transformadas Para Sempre Uma Sinfonia Pica Um Romance Grandioso E Esmagador The New York Times T O Grande Quanto A Vida Washington Post Soberbo Booklist

10 thoughts on “City on Fire

  1. Andrew Campbell Andrew Campbell says:

    Boy, I wanted to like this book.Garth Risk Hallberg is certainly a writer of exceptional promise and unmistakable ability There are passages in City On Fire that sublimely evoke New York City, portraying the Big Apple s magnetism and its monstrous shadow so effectively as to make it feel like you re walking the streets yourself The amount of detail conjured in

  2. karen karen says:

    for the most part, this book was totally worth 2 million dollars and it s definitely worth the cover price of 30.00 but damn it s hard to review at its most reductive, it s a multi viewpoint novel told from the perspective of several characters living in new york during 77, culminating in that summer s blackout it s a panoptic of the ultra wealthy and the s

  3. eb eb says:

    Couldn t make it past the prologue Two characters took about 50 pages to move a Christmas tree across the crosswalk I don t care how big the buzz is life is too short.

  4. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    HOW TO READ THIS BOOKAfter page 350 I decided to skip all the passages which bored the bejeesus out of me As there were quite a considerable number of those, getting through the next 550 pages became a whole lot easier, even occasionally enjoyable Even so, I feel like I need someone to come and defibrillate me HOISTED WITH HIS OWN PETARDOn page 617 we read She seemed

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  6. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    I can t, just can t read this any It is hanging over my head like Damocles sword Have read half but I just don t care enough about any of these characters to continue Yes, it is well written, but way to wordy and just not for me a good fit I am so darned relieved to be done.

  7. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    Five reasons for 5 stars 1 I had read 177 pages of this physical heavy weight book I own it Then I saw that my library carried this audiobook it was available..so change of plans Instantly I recognized Rebecca Lowman as one of the main narrators I began to melt into REBECCA LOWMAN BLISS Rebecca adds life to the language and brings the characters alive 2 Rebecca Lowman s voice is

  8. Maxwell Maxwell says:

    City on Fire was marketed as one of the biggest book releases of 2015 Garth Risk Hallberg s 900 page debut novel, sold to the publisher for a whopping 2 million, has been likened to Donna Tartt s The Goldfinch and Jennifer Egan s A Visit from the Goon Squad And while I see the similarities, I think Hallberg s doesn t quite stack up to either of these novels.Le

  9. Snotchocheez Snotchocheez says:

    I can already feel the sting from the glances of side eyed skepticism and even scepticism as I type this, that for 600 pages, anyway City on Fire, the massively hyped, crazy quilt pastiche of a doorstopper was this close to earning a spot on my imaginary Favorites shelf I was utterly enraptured by Garth Risk Hallberg s swirly, sweaty portrait of NYC in the mid to late 7

  10. Diane Diane says:

    I survived City on Fire No matter what else I read in 2016, I feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing this dense, sprawling, 900 page tome.For it is dense and sprawling Comparisons to Dickens and Pynchon and David Foster Wallace and hell, even Shakespeare, are apt The plot is so complicated it defies summary There is a punk group on a mission there is a rich family embroile

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