10 thoughts on “Codeswitch: Fires from Mi Corazon

  1. Plaguedoctor Plaguedoctor says:

    I received this book in the goodreads giveaway.I really liked this poetry book It felt like it had a lot of new and invigorating aspects to it It also included a lot of cultural aspects into it which was really a nice quality I think the added in clip art that the author added really ties in with the poetry I think this is a book that all poetry lovers will b

  2. Liz Murray Liz Murray says:

    I ve thought long and hard about how to write about this book, along with two other books of poetry I read at the same time How Fire is a Story, Waiting by Melinda Palacio, and When My Brother Was An Aztec by Natalie D az I don t feel as if I ve come up with anything worthy, but I ll try The three authors are based in and around Southern CA with some travels outside Ir

  3. Darla Darla says:

    I did enjoy this book because it talks about quotes that motivate you as a person Another reason why i like this book is because it talks about other interesting life poems that are very different and involves Spanish words The author did well on explaining good and using high academic words in some poems in the book The characters in the book were engaging because in the short

  4. Karen Sanchez Karen Sanchez says:

    I enjoyed the book it was very entreating and she was like shouting at me through the book and I could understand her tone of writing I liked how the author categorized the poems on what they talk about The stories poems were at a good pace so were the transitions I would recommend only if they need it for a certain reason but just out of pass time reading it will give you ideas too I wil

  5. Ashely Ashely says:

    The poem was interesting there was a lot of things It talking about.The poem had Spanish words which i made it better.Other reason why I like it is because it describes the things it talks about and makes it interesting.I would recommended this book because it is interesting.I feel like people would like this because it s a poem that have Spanish words that makes it interesting.

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