10 thoughts on “Codeswitch

  1. Plaguedoctor Plaguedoctor says:

    I received this book in the goodreads giveaway.I really liked this poetry book It felt like it had a lot of new and invigorating aspects to it It also included a lot of cultural aspects into it which was really a nice quality I think the added in clip art that the author a...

  2. Liz Murray Liz Murray says:

    I ve thought long and hard about how to write about this book, along with two other books of poetry I read at the same time How Fire is a Story, Waiting by Melinda Palacio, and When My Brother Was An Aztec by Natalie D az I don t feel as if I ve come up with anything worthy, but I ll try The three authors are based in and around Southern CA with some travels outside Ir

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