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Kindle Edition  ¿ Covert Cargo ePUB ✓ DANGEROUS WATERS Undercover as a coast guard captain, navy SEAL Dillon Randall is determined to capture the leaders of a human trafficking ring off the California coast When a woman living in a remote lighthouse unwittingly becomes a target of the traffickers, Dillon s mission suddenly includes protecting Beth Forrester Yet he can t let himself get too close to the reclusive beauty The last time he lost focus on a mission, people died He won t make that mistake again Dillon must win Beth s trust while keeping his identity as a SEAL a secret However he s finding it harder to maintain his cover around the woman working her way into his heart Can he save Beth s life without breaking her already wounded heart Navy SEAL Defenders Bound by honor and dedicated to protection I can t I just can t Beth was such a dumb bunny She was so needy and insecure over being dumped 5 years ago Please move on Please find worth in God she put herself in danger again and again and was the perfect helpless woman I can t stand weak heroines I like this author s writing and I liked the story line Please give us a stronger heroine next time Beth Forrester lives at the old lighthouse and rarely sees anyone, except an elderly neighbor She was jilted on her wedding day and is still hiding years later But one day she finds a boy and rescues him from his pursuers Then the Coast Guard gets involved and now someone wants Beth dead It was an okay read Not horrible but Beth was irritating. Love Inspired suspense.

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