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[Reading] ➶ Create vs. Copy  Author Ken Wytsma – Pcusati.info Today S Leaders Simply Can T Succeed Without Putting Creativity In Their Toolbox.If You Don T Think You Re Creative, That May Sound Discouraging But Take Heart Creativity Can Be Taught And Practiced, And Create V Copy Shows You How.This Short, Punchy Book Explores Various Aspects Of Creativity And Imagination And Leads You Toward A Healthy, Confident, Innovative Life Mindset It Celebrates The Good News Of Your God Given Capacity To Create And Helps You Harness It To Take Charge Of Your Life, Navigate Changing Times, And, Ultimately, Flourish And Succeed Having Traveled To Dozens Of Countries, Founded The Leading International Conference On Justice And Theology, And Collaborated With Scores Of Nonprofits, Wytsma Is Uniquely Fit To Help Us Be Culture Shapers In A World Of Global Change He Blends Theology, History, And Cultural Observation To Show Us What Being God S Creative Image Bearers Might Look Like Today.Whether You Re A Parent, CEO, Pastor, Or Politician, This Fresh Look At Contemporary Leadership Will Challenge The Way You View Your Position Of Influence, And It Will Equip You To Adapt And Thrive In Our Perplexing Yet Exciting Cultural Climate.

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  1. Dave Weiss Dave Weiss says:

    I was at my church s annual conference having a little downtime between sessions when I came upon this book As a person with a passion for creative ministry, I picked it up instantly and it did not disappoint This book is a lot than just a book on art and ministry It is about bringing our best gifts to the Lord in whatever area He is calling us to The author deals with everyth...

  2. Lydia Howe Lydia Howe says:

    Why I Choose this Book It s about being creative The title drew me in and made me curious What I Thought About this Book There were some elements of this book that I really liked, and several of the chapters hit the four star mark I especially liked how the author pointed out that God is creative and that we are created in His image and are supposed to live creatively The first time I heard that concept about five years ago , I was shocked and delighted To think of creating as a

  3. David Woods David Woods says:

    I think this book would be best read as a team, with a common goal in mind I think it needs to be treated much as a workbook of sorts than a book to be read in one s spare time The questions at the end of each chapter need to be read and thought about and answered and discussed, and the ideas in the book need to be applied to practical situations in life I am going to try to take my team at work through this book, and I am really curious what will come of it I might have a revised revi

  4. Kirsten Trambley Kirsten Trambley says:

    Phenomenal book As clich as it sounds, Ken put to words all of the thoughts that I have had in my brain for years.The Bible begins with, God created the heavens and the earth God then spent a week continuing to create our world Because creativity was God s first task, Ken makes the connection to say that we were made to create Creativity doesn t have to end in a beautiful, perfect result because creativity in itself is all that is required We were wired to create from the beginning.In 2014, my

  5. Olivia Olivia says:

    Create vs Copy had some great lines and really great ideas, but as most nonfiction books, seemed about 50 pages too long It seemed to be a bit repetitive towards the end Overall, a fast read worth a lazy afternoon of your time.

  6. Nathan Albright Nathan Albright says:

    Note This book was provided free of charge by Moody Publishers All thoughts and opinions are my own I have a sort of love hate relationship with this author s work 1 , and this book is no different On the one hand, I really love what the author chooses to write about I know that he and I have an interest in similar topics ranging from justice to practical Christian living to the paradoxical nature of God s workings to the theological significance of creativity Yet although I love the topics that the author

  7. James James says:

    If I were to copy anyone, I d copy Ken Wytsma He is lead pastor of Antioch in Bend, Oregon, president of Kilns College where he teaches philosophy and justice , creative advisor for non profits and founder of the Justice Conference Additionally, he is the author of three great books His latest, Create vs Copy , digs deep into the theology and practice of creativity So yeah, I m overawed and would love to copy Wytsma Only I couldn t and shouldn t.Create vs Copy doesn t have much to say about copying, outside its in

  8. Mark Evans Mark Evans says:

    Ken Wytsma is a leader, innovator, and social entrepreneur respected for his insight and collaborative spirit He is the president of Kilns College, where he teaches courses on philosophy and justice He is the founder of The Justice Conference an annual international conference that introduces men and women to a wide range of organizations and conversations relating to biblical justice and God s call to give our lives away.Ken is a consultant and creative advisor to nonprofits and a sought after speaker on justice, church

  9. Jon Stephens Jon Stephens says:

    A few years ago I was invited to do a review for a book from an author I had never heard of, but the subject was an important one to me, so I read it The book was called Pursuing Justice by Ken Wytsma and it turned out to be hands down the best book I have ever read on the subject of justice, and it is no question a must read on the subject.So, when I was recently invited to review Wytsma s newest book Create vs Copy, I was than happy to get involved Wytsma who lives in Bend, Oregon wears many hats on top of being an author hi

  10. Karl Mitchell Karl Mitchell says:

    Initially I declined to sign up for the free, advanced copy book review, despite having done reviews for Ken s other two books both of which I recommend While I write fairly often, at least as of late, I don t think I have ever assigned the tag of creative to myself However, after seeing him continue to mention it on Twitter, I acquiesced I am thankful I did.First off, aesthetically, this is a well done book Small but not overly so, with excellent attention to detail from the typography to the illustrations Though, a coworker joked th

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