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[Read] ➻ Curse of the Pirate Mist  ➸ Doug Wilhelm – Pcusati.info A funny and quick read Enjoyment to be had all around Your Uncle Writes Best Selling Books About High States Adventure His Latest Research Leads You Both To Guyana, In Hopes Of Chasing Down A Sunken Ship Rud To Contain A Treasure Worth Three TRILLION Dollars. I came across the choose your own adventure series shelf a t the library, and chose a few for nostalgia s sake I loved these as a kid, and would try to read every variation of the story My adventure in this one was short lived I followed two story paths, an A bit too scary for my 3rd grader. While reading this book, I kept thinking that my character was way over his head It seemed like it didn t matter what choice I made, they all seemed like they were going to end badly Good news, my character lived, wh The branch that I followed had less action than usual, andcritical thinking It was still a fun read.

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