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!!> PDF ⚣ Dead Ends (A Jack Taggart Mystery #5)  ✈ Author Don Easton – Pcusati.info Intrepid Mountie Jack Taggart Is Hurled Into A World Where Morality, Justice, And The Legal System Are Pitted Against One Another Taggart Investigates The Murder Of Someone Who Was In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Wiretap Information Identifies A Shadowy Gang Member Known Only As Cocktail As Being Responsible Taggart And His Partner Go Undercover To Join One Of A Coalition Of Gangs Who Are At War In British Columbia Their Mission Is To Identify Cocktail And Gain Evidence To Convict Him Of Murder Taggart Soon Finds Himself Knee Deep In Drive By Shootings, Meth Labs, Retaliatory Murders, And Date Rapes An Offer Of A Truce Pact To Stop The Gang Warfare Is Arranged By Cocktail Taggart, Along With Gang Bosses, Is Taken To A Remote Location To Discuss A Peace Agreement What They Find Is That Cocktail Has Lured Them Into A Trap Of Torture And Murder.

10 thoughts on “Dead Ends (A Jack Taggart Mystery #5)

  1. Philip Philip says:

    I really don t know what to say about What did I think about Dead Ends It s a very good page turner of a crime novel with lot s of clues, pretty good detective work and all the requisite twists to keep me from a reasonable bedtime BUT Jack Taggart has either really mellowed, even since Samurai Code or he s b

  2. Fred Fred says:

    I found it hard to get into this book at the beginning The conversations between the characters were a bit tedious I almost gave up on the book but I m glad I didn t After about a third of the way in, the story picked up ...

  3. Lydia Lydia says:

    A nice diversion I would have enjoyed it evenif it had been properly proofread.I m not usually such a stickler but far too many errors appeared They were an annoying distraction.Storywise it was good.

  4. David Gordon David Gordon says:

    Taggert good

  5. Shaunagh Morin Shaunagh Morin says:

    I literally took every spare minute to read this book I couldn t turn the pages fast enough I was depressed when it ended because it was so good Yet again another good book

  6. Jeannie Nielsen Jeannie Nielsen says:

    I enjoyed this book very much I love the writing style Down to earth, and true to life Outstanding.

  7. Bryan Sharpe Bryan Sharpe says:

    Another great readAnother great novel by Don t Easton Hits all the right note for a crime thriller, would definitely recommend to any fan of the genre.

  8. Ken Megale Ken Megale says:

    This fellow Canadian can write and write well The book is made evenenjoyable as it is set in the lower mainland of British Columbia Ken Megale

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