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[PDF] ✎ Domino Knitting  By Vivian Høxbro – Pcusati.info if you want to knit squares or pot holders this is the book for you although I appreciate the use of this style I think it could have gone further the projects were less than inspiring. Another little gem that changed the way I thought about knitting. I am not enough of a knitter at this point to be able to really get into this, but I hope that as time goes on, this will be something I can getinto it allows for knitting in small chunks and for individual designs But not yet I like the size of the book and i This technique of knitting is very interesting I would like to try it out someday, and I would probably use this little book as a reference The patterns in here were nice, none looked outdated and they used an assortment of colors I would probably recommend this book Taken from my book reviews blog While I wouldn t knit any of the projects, this book does give some great info on joining pieces as you go It s all about modular knitting It s a keeper. Introducing An Exciting New Technique Called Domino Knitting, This Book Teaches Both Beginners And Experts The Patterning Technique That Became A Craze Among Scandinavian Knitters Beginning With Basic Instructions And Progressing To Sophisticated Projects, This Guide Shows How Domino Knitting Allows For Easy Designing By Allowing Knitters To Build Squares On One Another Horizontally And Vertically At Will Precise Step By Step Instruction Show How Squares Can Be Worked In A Variety Of Stitches For Multicolored Effects Included Is A Key To Selecting The Proper Yarn For Any Project As Well As Care Instructions For Any Creation.

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