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[[ BOOKS ]] ✫ Dragonmaster  Author Nattie Jones – Pcusati.info In The Land Of Khys, Women Are Raised By The Wise Women To Be Put On The Choosing Block When They Are Of Age To Be Married Sierra Has Little Hope Of A Match, And When One Of The Feared Dragon Masters Claims The Daughter Of Lord Khys As His Wife And Sierra As His Servant, She Is Resigned To Her Fate But The Daughter Of A Lord Is But A Pawn To Be Sold In The Country S Upcoming War Between The North And The South Sierra Is Torn Should She Remain A Companion To Her Royal Friend Or Seek Love With The Dark Dragon Master Who Spanks Harshly And Loves Tenderly

8 thoughts on “Dragonmaster

  1. Becca Becca says:

    This one just didn t work for me As much as I love spanking stories they have to have some point to them which seemed to be lacking here I felt bad for Sierra most of the time She s continually told she can t expect anything in life than being a servant due to her family s povert

  2. Lilia Ford Lilia Ford says:

    Spanking, spanking and spanking This review discusses the whole series Dragonmaster was probably the best book in a strong series There are some weaknesses, and I didn t like one of the books, Peasant Farmer , but for erotica focused on spanking, it s the most enjoyable I ve found In mo

  3. Bukcrz Bukcrz says:

    Gah, I wished I read further on the reviews before purchasing THREE books of this series I used to but became complacent since I love any books with dragons Unfortunately, by the time I had time to read this book, the grace period for return is over.The male main character I dare not call him a

  4. Krishna Vance Krishna Vance says:

    Oh do I love Nattie Jones She is one of my top spanking story writers who also includes fantasy I don t know what s going on with her though because I have not seen anything new written by her in a very long time I love the way she writes her spankings because they are so real...

  5. Georgiana Georgiana says:

    I m surprised this book has not been reviewed I d give it 3 and 1 2 to 4 stars I m not up to the full review treatment at the moment but I will say this was a good little fantasy story with a spanking fetish bent There is good world building around dragons and a not too harsh dominance culture Cute.

  6. Alicia Alicia says:

    Nattie Jones creates a whole new world filled with dragons and there Dragonmasters who know not only how to train dragons but just how to keep their women in line as well this is not your typical romance but is all around a good read and can t wait for of this series to come out.

  7. Paula Paula says:

    Ok.My butt got sore just reading this book spank,spank,spank

  8. Corinne Alexander Corinne Alexander says:

    From the first word I was drawn into this world that Nattie Jones has created and I didn t want to leave Thank goodness there are so many in the series

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