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Download ☆ Each Little Lie By Tom Bale – One Split Second Can Destroy Your Life Forever Single Mother Jen Cornish Is Just Trying To Hold Things Together For The Sake Of Her Seven Year Old Son Charlie Until The Day When She Does An Impulsive Good Deed To Help A Neighbour, Setting Off A Terrifying Chain Of Events That Quickly Spirals Out Of Control When She Is Arrested For A Crime She Didn T Commit, Jen Quickly Starts To Wonder If Someone Is Playing A Cruel Game With Her Or Is She Losing Her Mind Desperate To Clear Her Name With The Police, She Must First Untangle A Chilling Web Of Lies But Someone Is Watching Her Every Move And It Isn T Just Jen Who Is In Danger They Re Watching Her Child As Well.

10 thoughts on “Each Little Lie

  1. Chelsea Humphrey Chelsea Humphrey says:

    It s safe to say I was hooked on this story from beginning to end I have seen lots of reviewers who were wary of the premise how could anyone in their right mind enter someone else s house to return their lost keys and think that was the best idea I m going to touch on that below, but needless to say since this is fiction, if you can suspend your need f

  2. Paromjit Paromjit says:

    This psychological thriller is rather different from Tom Bale s other books that I have read, the story is much less fast paced for starters The central character is Jen Cornish, a woman who has left her husband, and is struggling to cope as a single mother taking care of her young son, Charlie One day she spies a neighbour that she does not know, drop his keys

  3. Gary Gary says:

    Another excellent psychological thriller from the most underrated author Tom Bale Jen Cornish is a single mother struggling to make it on her own and care for her child after leaving her husband When rushing to get to work she sees a man that she has seen many times before as he leaves his home but today Jen notices that the stranger has dropped his keys She tries to run

  4. Selene Selene says:

    Genre Mystery ThrillerPOVs view spoiler Multiple, 3rd person hide spoiler Triggers view spoiler There s a quick, passing mention of animal cruelty, but nothing gory or too detailed hide spoiler I sort of liked this book, but it took waaay longer to finish this story because it seemed to go on forever. This book dragged from the 45% mark and on, and I couldn t rationalize Jen s ac

  5. Carrie Carrie says:

    Jen Cornish is a single mother struggling to make it on her own and care for her child after leaving her husband In a rush on her way to work she crosses paths with a man that she has seen many times before as he leaves his home but today Jen notices that the stranger has dropped his keys Trying to chase after him doesn t work so Jen is left wondering what she should do to safely return t

  6. Sarah Joint Sarah Joint says:

    Why don t I see Tom Bale books being read by my friendsHe s totally underrated He has a talent for writing extremely gripping, intricate stories This one features short chapters, which I love It makes it easier to find a stopping point if you can put it down Some readers may be bothered by certain decisions that the main character makes, but in reality we all act differently in different scenarios

  7. Emma Emma says:

    This novel goes in a different direction from the last two, further along the psychological spectrum, and for my part, suffers for it Tom Bale is a talented writer, both All Fall Down and Skin and Bones were excellent exciting, engrossing, darker This one was good enough and still well put together, but the main character is just so dull that I couldn t care less about her story I was bored and I have neve

  8. Dash fan Dash fan says:

    3.5 A Good Deed that went horribly wrong Each Little Lie is a Physiological Thriller based on lies, secrets, deception and manipulation It s a slower paced read that builds up anticipation.Who would of thought that doing someone a good deed could change your life forever Well Jen never believed it would or she would never of done what she did Single Parent Jen leaves her house as she always does but this one partic

  9. Louise Wilson Louise Wilson says:

    3.5 stars Jen Cornish sees her neighbour has dropped their keys but by the time she has picked them up he has disappeared in a car After knocking on a few of her neighbours doors and getting no response, she decides to leave a note on his door telling him where he can get the keys But Jen has no pen and foolishly decides to enter the house to find one A mistake she will quickly regret.Jen is separated from her husband, Fred

  10. Danielle (The Blonde Likes Books) Danielle (The Blonde Likes Books) says:

    On her way to work Jen sees her neighbor drop his keys outside of his house She picks them up, and attempts to flag him down, but he drives away before she s able to get to him In an attempt to be helpful, she uses the keys to enter his house, find some paper, and leave a note that says to call her to pick them up.When she s later called into the police station and is accused of entering the house and completely trashing some valuab

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