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[Read] ➹ East Los Angeles: History of a Barrio ➵ Richardo Romo – Pcusati.info This Is The Story Of The Largest Mexican American Community In The United States, The City Within A City Known As East Los Angeles How Did This Barrio Of Over One Million Men And Women Occupying An Area Greater Than Manhattan Or Washington D.C Come To Be Although Promoted Early In This Century As A Workers Paradise, Los Angeles Fared Poorly In Attracting European Immigrants And American Blue Collar Workers Wages Were Low, And These Workers Were Understandably Reluctant To Come To A City Which Was Also Troubled By Labor Strife Mexicans Made Up The Difference, Arriving In The City In Massive Numbers.Who These Mexicans Were And The Conditions That Caused Them To Leave Their Own Country Are Revealed In East Los Angeles The Author Examines How They Adjusted To Life In One Of The Fastest Growing Cities In The United States, How They Fared In This Country S Labor Market, And The Problems Of Segregation And Prejudice They Confronted.

10 thoughts on “East Los Angeles: History of a Barrio

  1. Janet Janet says:

    workmanlike But it is from 1983.

  2. Andrea Andrea says:

    A foundational book, really, in the effort to reclaim a history, where what little had been written had all but been erased Also a key book on the early history of East Los Angeles, this is great if you re looking for empirical data, a historical overview, or a summary of what had been written t

  3. David Groves David Groves says:

    Although this book is solid, filled with facts, and extremely informative, the title is misleading It s not about the neighborhoods and stories within the East LA community, it s about the social currents and eddies that led to the formation of the barrio called East LA But if you re looking for facts a

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