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[Ebook] ➡ Ecopunks Author Tony Bailie – Pcusati.info Wolf Cliss Ecowarrior And Green Philosopher Is Arrested In Slovenia While Protesting Against The Destruction Of An Ancient Oak Forest To Make Way For A New Motorway He Has Been Arrested Dozens Of Times Before, But Now He Is Being Blamed For A Logger S DeathKei Yushiro Is An Alternative Archaeologist Who While Working On A Dig In The Sahara Desert Thinks She Has Stumbled On Proof That Human Civilizations May Have Existed Thousands Of Years Earlier Than Previously ThoughtLorcan O Malley , A Former Wandering Irish Musician, Literally Blew His Mind On Psychedelic Drugs During The S And Four Decades Later Is Still Struggling To Comprehend The Terrifying Insights Into The Human Psyche That Opened Up Before HimEcopunks Follows Wolf As He Battles To Save Rainforests In Asia And South America, Faces Being Obliterated In A Nuclear Testing Zone In The Pacific Ocean And Runs The Gauntlet Of Big Business And Governments Who Label Him An EcoterroristHe Is An Archetype Of The Modern Age But Behind The Image Is A Vulnerable Man Who Bitterly Resents The Caricature That He Has BecomeKei S Controversial Theories About A Sophisticated Human Civilization That Existed Long Before Official History Began Are Dismissed Mainstream Historians, But The Evidence Is There In Ancient Structures On Every Continent And Myths In Every CultureIt Take S Lorcan S Frazzled Mind To Draw The Strands Together And Come To The Conclusion That History Is Screaming A Warning To Us About The Dangers Of Ignoring The Consequence Of Accelerating Climate ChangePart Adventure Story, Part Psychological Thriller And Part New Age Philosophy, Ecopunks Is An Environmental Parable For The St Century

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  1. Simon Barton Simon Barton says:

    Enjoyable tale of eco warriors which managed to make me thing a bit about the environment, particularly the small drip drip damage being done all the time Having said that it is not a book that preaches Personally I enjoyed the relationships between th

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