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!!> EPUB ❄ Evolving Brains, Emerging Gods  ✿ Author E. Fuller Torrey – Pcusati.info Religions And Mythologies From Around The World Teach That God Or Gods Created Humans Atheist, Humanist, And Materialist Critics, Meanwhile, Have Attempted To Turn Theology On Its Head, Claiming That Religion Is A Human Invention In This Book, E Fuller Torrey Draws On Cutting Edge Neuroscience Research To Propose A Startling Answer To The Ultimate Question Evolving Brains, Emerging Gods Locates The Origin Of Gods Within The Human Brain, Arguing That Religious Belief Is A By Product Of EvolutionBased On An Idea Originally Proposed By Charles Darwin, Torrey Marshals Evidence That The Emergence Of Gods Was An Incidental Consequence Of Several Evolutionary Factors Using Data Ranging From Ancient Skulls And Artifacts To Brain Imaging, Primatology, And Child Development Studies, This Book Traces How New Cognitive Abilities Gave Rise To New Behaviors For Instance, Autobiographical Memory, The Ability To Project Ourselves Backward And Forward In Time, Gave Homo Sapiens A Competitive Advantage However, It Also Led To Comprehension Of Mortality, Spurring Belief In An Alternative To Death Torrey Details The Neurobiological Sequence That Explains Why The Gods Appeared When They Did, Connecting Archaeological Findings Including Clothing, Art, Farming, And Urbanization To Cognitive Developments This Book Does Not Dismiss Belief But Rather Presents Religious Belief As An Inevitable Outcome Of Brain Evolution Providing Clear And Accessible Explanations Of Evolutionary Neuroscience, Evolving Brains, Emerging Gods Will Shed New Light On The Mechanics Of Our Deepest Mysteries

10 thoughts on “Evolving Brains, Emerging Gods

  1. Fiona Fiona says:

    An utterly fascinating, absorbing account of the cognitive development of man leading to the origins of religion Over the last 200,000 years, the human brain has gone through stages of development which can be compared with the development of a child s brain in the first few years of life What took homo sapiens 160,000 or so

  2. Ben Babcock Ben Babcock says:

    One of the benefits of deciding to request books from NetGalley is that it exposes me to academic science writing than I might otherwise find Thanks to Columbia University Press for letting me read this I m really fascinated by the study of religion, from a sociological and anthropological perspective I love to learn about the histo

  3. Joy Clark Joy Clark says:

    I am a brain geek with a passing interest in world religions, mostly in understanding the psychosocial basis and consequences of religion, so I jumped at the chance to read this book thanks, NetGalley It did not disappoint The author posits that religion is a byproduct of human evolution as our brains evolved to understand ourselves, make mem

  4. Dennis Robbins Dennis Robbins says:

    In this book, religion is studied as a naturalistic phenomenon The author uses a cross disciplinary approach to understand the development of religious belief and the high god world religions Combining human paleontology, primatology, archaeology, brain research and neuroscience he creates a testable story of the origins of religion As the human brain

  5. Maha Maha says:

    I have to admit I came across thing book as a recommendation from another reader who mentioned its significance The book walks to its majority toward the neuroscience of brain evolution and archaeological evidence of our brain development using fossils, which I believe Torrey did a great job in presenting The second part of the book dimmed a bit the anatomical

  6. Mandy Lynn Mandy Lynn says:

    Religion and other seemingly abstract ideas have always been of great interest to me How do we conceive of such things Why do we conceive of such things , and I found this book to be very helpful to my own investigations Torrey traces evidence of human brain evolution and of religious practice, how it began, why it began, where it has come from and wh

  7. Clark Hays Clark Hays says:

    The human brain perfectly shaped by evolution to create religions Evolving Brains, Emerging Gods Early Humans and the Origins of Religion, by E Fuller Torrey is a remarkable look at the cognitive theory underlying how not why humans developed religion.The answer, according to Torrey, is that as our brains evolved, they developed certain capacities and capabilities that m

  8. Wing Wing says:

    Using advances in ontogeny, phylogeny, neuroscience, and archaeology, the author narrates the epic story of how the hominin brain, over the course of two million years, attained sufficient cognitive capabilities to worship gods These cognitive milestones are high intelligence, self awareness, first and then higher order of Theory of Mind, and finally an autobiographical and temporal sel

  9. megan megan says:

    As a rule, I try to avoid books associated with religion I went to a Methodist college and was required to take unwanted religion classes obviously did nothing to progress my engineering degree Had there been a class offered based on the the evolving human mind and how religions comes into play, I might have really enjoyed it.

  10. nicholas cruciani nicholas cruciani says:

    I ve been reading primitive mythology and oriental mythology by Joseph campbell which made me curious of how religion started and this book for me answers that great read now I m going to finish occidental and creative mythology with a better understanding on the evolution of religion

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