[BOOKS] ⚡ Fantasy & Science Fiction, May/June 2011 (Vol 120, #5/6) ✯ Gordon Van Gelder – Pcusati.info

[BOOKS] ⚡ Fantasy & Science Fiction, May/June 2011 (Vol 120, #5/6) ✯ Gordon Van Gelder – Pcusati.info Stories Rampion, By Alexandra DuncanThe Black Mountain, By Albert E CowdreyMusic Makers, By Kate WilhelmThe Final Verse, By Chet WilliamsonStock Photos, By Robert ReedAgent Of Change, By Steven PopkesFine Green Dust, By Don WebbSigns Of Life, By Carter ScholzStarship Dazzle, By Scott BradfieldThe Old Terrologist S Tale, By S.L GilbowAltogether Elsewhere, Vast Herds Of Reindeer, By Ken LiuThe Road Ahead, By Robert ReedFeatures Jess Francis McComas The Traveler Returns, By Maria E AlonzoEditorial By Gordon Van GelderBooks To Look For, By Charles De LintBooks, By Chris MoriartyPlumage From Pegasus Building A Readership, By Paul Di FilippoFilms Without A Stringor A Thrill, By Kathi MaioComing AttractionsCompetition 81Curiosities, By F Gwynplaine McIntyre This is a short story comp and as with most, some stories will appeal to certain readers and some won t There is variety hill such as stories of the supernatural, climate, predicting the future and of a talking dog in space Not 5 Star Music Makers Loved the characters Had a hard time choosing between Music Makers and the Final Verse for my favorite of the edition This one was predicable, but liked the characters.The Final Verse After reading this one, my mom renewed her interest in playing the banjo It s than a little unrelated, but Fred Chappell Maze of Shadows archaic 6,5 10.Naomi Kritzer Liberty s Daughter Maze of Shadows 7 10Albert E Cowdrey Asylum 5 10Pat MacEwen Taking the Low Road 8 10Michael Alexander The Children s Crusade , 8,5 10Dale Bailey Necrosis , 6 10Andy Stewart Typho

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