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[ KINDLE ] ✽ Fatal Thunder (Jerry Mitchell, #5)  Author Larry Bond – Pcusati.info Jerry Mitchell Returns In Fatal Thunder, A Gripping Thriller From New York Times Bestselling Author Larry Bond India And Pakistan Are Stalemated In A War That India Launched To Remove The Threat Of Terrorism, Once And For All But India S Early Successes Have Stalled, And With The Coming Spring, The Tide May Turn Against Them A Small But Powerful Group Of Indian Senior Military Officers And Civilian Security Officials, Without The Knowledge Of The Rest Of The Indian Government, Have Decided To Strike At China, Pakistan S Backer And India S Recent Enemy In The Littoral Alliance War Shattered Trident The Conspirators Plan A Bold Attack That Will Leave Pakistan Without A Patron And Protector India Could Then Finish Their Military Campaign Sure Of Success.To Avoid Any Blame For The Attack, The Group Has Obtained Russian Made Nuclear Warheads From A Renegade Russian Arms Merchant With Access To The Stolen Weapons Fitted To Standard Russian Torpedoes And Delivered Covertly By INS Chakra, The Warheads Will Shatter China S Economy.

10 thoughts on “Fatal Thunder (Jerry Mitchell, #5)

  1. Tim Tim says:

    This story does not live up to many of Mr Bond s other writings It is littlethan a long, bickering, meandering political story around stolen nukes 1 of 10 stars

  2. Mike Maurer Mike Maurer says:

    I like submarine stories and I have read everything from Larry Bond His story telling mixes well with the highly detailed technical backdrop of every modern weapon system used I had read the previous four Jerry Mitchell books, believing that the ending of the fourth would spell the end of series.I jumped

  3. Dennis Hearon Dennis Hearon says:

    A disappointment after the prior books in the series Another example of a series that should have been allowed to end but was continued so that the author s could make a buck On the cover, W.E.B Grriffen is quoted as saying guaranteed to keep you up all night He must be a light sleeper

  4. David Hogan David Hogan says:

    Good readI hope this is not the end of this character or series You have a winner here keep them coming.

  5. Michael Goulette Michael Goulette says:

    Kept this book on the back burner as I had others to read I thought the plot was somewhat believable and enjoyed the book Thee could have beensubmarine tactics maybe his next one I just love reading submarine strategy.

  6. Mark Peterson Mark Peterson says:

    Very much enjoyed this book and the whole series I like how this connected with the first book This book and the previous book get away from Jerry and the submarines too much which is what I enjoyed most about these books.

  7. George George says:

    Interesting story about nuclear war excluding the USA.

  8. Jjohn_galt Jjohn_galt says:

    Meh Formulaic, not particularly memorable Has that author is overly enad with his characters vibe a la Clive Cussler.

  9. Sally Sally says:

    great ending to the series wrapped up all the loose ends and brought back the old favorites Glad to see what happened to the treasures of book 1 way to wrap it all up

  10. Bill Donhiser Bill Donhiser says:

    Another fine thriller from Larry Bond Good intrigue, well written, and scary plot Loose nukes, rogue military and political players and submarine warfare

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