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!!> Read ➮ Finn (Endangered Fae #1)  ➲ Author Angel  Martinez – Pcusati.info Lost And Starving, Finn Wakes To A Poisoned World, But A Man Comes To Him, A White Light In The Darkness Can A Centuries Old Pooka Find What He Needs With A Heartbroken, Modern Man When Diego Rescues A Naked Man From The Rail Of The Brooklyn Bridge, He Just Wants To Get The Poor Man Out Of Traffic And To Social Services He Gets Than He Bargained For When He Discovers Finn Is An Ailing Pooka, Poisoned By The City S Pollution To Help Him Recover, Diego Takes Him To New Brunswick Where Finn Inadvertently Wakes An Ancient, Evil Spirit The Wendigo.While They Struggle To Find A Way To Destroy The Wendigo Before It Can Possess Diego Or Kill Nearby Innocents, Diego Wrestles With His Growing Feelings For Finn Kill The Monster And Navigate A Relationship Between A Modern Man And A Centuries Old Pooka Piece Of Cake.

10 thoughts on “Finn (Endangered Fae #1)

  1. Nancy Nancy says:

    Finn was just the story I needed to warm my heart and lift my spirits after being sick with bronchitis all week.Diego is not terribly good at taking care of himself His greatest satisfaction in life comes from helping others When he finds a cold, sick and naked man on the Brooklyn Bridge, his caring and empathetic nature comes to life as he brings the man home and helps him recover.It turns out

  2. Optimist ♰King& Optimist ♰King& says:

    I m hovering in the 3.5 to 4 Hearts range, so I m just going to round up to 4.A pooka poo ka pook nounnoun pooka plural noun pookas in Irish mythology a hobgoblin I d never heard of such a thing Fairies, yes Pookas, no Can t say that any Finn set the bar high as far as pookas go He s a delight He s also a shapeshifting pooka who can shift into a DRAGON squeals with delight Finn and Diego first meet

  3. Ami Ami says:

    Diego is a savior of all things stray Even if one of his strays was able to hurt him, he just can t stop doing so His heart is just too big which doesn t sit well with his lover, who ends up leaving him Diego s latest save is a naked man, crouching on a rail of Brooklyn Bridge Little that he knows, the man, Finn, is an endangered fae, a pooka And he will fill Diego s heart with love.I didn t bought the

  4. Sunny Sunny says:

    Charming, romantic, this story was a delight The characters, especially Finn, got to me right away Finn, so confused and indignant in the beginning, and Diego, with his huge heart Both of themsweet, funny, sexyoh, yeah Their personalities came through in the dialogue, which was very well done I liked having action mixed w...

  5. Kassa Kassa says:

    This is one of those rare gems that I usually wouldn t bother buying but thank god I did because this is a rare, truly fabulous story Although I hardly, if ever, shop at Red Rose Publishing, I was over checking out the newest releases and the blurb attracted me While I had some reservations and really di...

  6. Tori Thompson Tori Thompson says:

    Let s start off by talking about these two men What a mess they both are Diego is a sweet, caring, naive idiot He is too good to others, to the point he s been injured and can barely keep himself fed At some point before this book starts, in an attempt to help a homeless man, he was beaten to the point he now has seizures He lives in Brooklyn, is a barely self employed writer, and has recen...

  7. The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears says:

    I must thank my partner for the LGBT Fantasy June Pick It For Me challenge, Elizabeth She hit all my happy buttons with this book and Angel Martinez who s been on my radar for quite some time has definitely impressed me with this one.Let me say this first, Finn is that rarity in a unacceptably whitewashed M M romance genre it is an interracial romance featuring a lead gay male PoC Most of the reviewers who obviously lo

  8. Dee Wy Dee Wy says:

    A great start to a series I ve had this book for ages 2009 edition and just never got to it, but I m so glad I finally loaded it on my Kindle Diego is a writer who suffers from seizures but spends most of his spare time helping others and looking after the homeless When we meet him, he has recently broken up with ...

  9. Raevyn Raevyn says:

    This is the first book I have read by this author and I now know that I will probably read everything she has written or will write in the future Her writing style is poetic but not over the top and her characters are rich and beautifully drawn.Finn was a delight to get to know His lack of knowledge of things in the current age was endearing I loved the way he learned his way around things, but mostly it was the way he loved D

  10. Emy Emy says:

    When Diego spots the naked man on the bridge, he thinks he is preparing to jump After getting him home and safe, Diego realises that Finn is stuck in another century, just another psychiatric oddity he needs to hand over to social services But soon, Diego realises that Finn is fae, not crazy, and he soon learns that there are also much darker things out thereOne of the things I love the most about Angel Martinez s work I am workin

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