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[Ebook] ↠ Four Tales  Author Philip Pullman – Pcusati.info A Sumptuous Edition Of Four Tales Gloriously Illustrated By Peter Bailey Combining Elements Of Fairy Tale, Humour, And Spookiness, This Is The Perfect Book For A Cold Winter S Night The Stories Are The Firework Maker S Daughter, I Was A Rat , Clockwork And The Scarecrow His Servant And This Is The First Time They Have Been Published Together In One Volume.

10 thoughts on “Four Tales

  1. Rikke Rikke says:

    Philip Pullman is a powerful storyteller He leaves subtle fingerprints of magic on everything he touches A little hint of shimmer and glitter spills in between the words that he forms and the stories that he writes I will always consider him and his writing as a childhood treasure I was delighted to find out, that these four tales in fact are fairy tales Simple traditional tales

  2. Simone Simone says:

    Four stories written in a traditional style to emulate the Grimm brothers Hans Christian Andersen In this sense they were well done However, in terms of holding my interest the stories were rather hit and miss I enjoyed I was a Rat and Clockwork but the other two seemed to lack substance Philip...

  3. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    I love the illustrations in this book, but I think the stories are only flashy on the surface, but not very memorable or unique.

  4. Mel Mel says:

    I had high expectations of Philip Pullman but unfortunately I found this a pretty disappointing read I like a good fairy tale as much as the next person but these really didn t do it for me.The first and third stories The Firework Maker s Daughter and Clockwork were my favourites, and also, not by coincidence, the two shorter ones I enjoyed the relationship between Lila and Lalchand in TFMD, and whi

  5. Miss Bookiverse Miss Bookiverse says:

    The Firework Maker s Daughter The tale is simple than I had expected, very straight forward plot maybe because it came into existence as a play but with some unique elements such as a talking white elephant and the art of creating fireworks.I Was A Rat Rather simple plot as well but with a nice explanation about Roger s past at the end that I hadn t seen coming Clockwork I had listened to this on audio be

  6. Otone Otone says:

    An excellent collection of original fairy tales, all beautifully illustrated

  7. Matthew Gurteen Matthew Gurteen says:

    A delightful collection of stories from one of the best writers of our time This collection is probably the closest to the Brothers Grimm style I have read in how it tells its tales That being said, although the style is obviously alluding to their work, all of the stories are almost entirely original I only picked up on one of the tales being based around a familiar fairytale, but Phillip Pullman puts enough of his uni

  8. James Perkins James Perkins says:

    Author Philip Pullman serves up four delicious fairy tales about competition, transformation, invention, and friendship His writing is fluidly amusing, with a child like humour in a gentle mix of subtlety and obstreperousness The charming line drawings by illustrator Peter Bailey add to the old fashioned atmosphere and remind me of many of the books I used to read when I was growing up I got to know Pullman s art through his a

  9. Frances Frances says:

    A compilation of four of Pullman s original almost fairytales As a collection it was very impressive and beautiful, which a book really ought to be if possible the stories are great, and fit together very well thematically My favourite was probably Clockwork something that surprised me, as I was definitely expecting it to be I Was a Rat if only for nostalgia s sake but they re all good fun, and excellently written.<

  10. Celine Celine says:

    Une s rie de quatre contes modernes qui m ont s duit par leur humour, leur originalit et la critique mordante de notre soci t lire la pr face de Pullman et sa conception du conte est aussi tout fait int ressante Mon conte pr f r est le premier une h ro ne qui veut devenir artifici re comme son p re et qui apprend que pour atteindre ses objectifs il faut de la passion, de la d termination mais aussi beaucoup de chance On y croise galement l

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