Going South: An Inside Look at Corruption and Greed, and

Going South: An Inside Look at Corruption and Greed, and A David and Goliath tale for readers looking for a stinging exposi of corporate corruption Meet a charismatic CEO, a group of disgruntled investors, and outspoken employees on a Yahoo message board, eager to uncover corporate scandal In Going South, William Cast mixes this wild cast of characters with a tale of cyber technology in one of the most compelling business books published in recent yearsThis fast paced expose details the journey of HealthSouth celebrity CEO and founder Richard Scrushy, from the boardroom to the courtroom, as the first executive to be indicted and acquitted for accounting fraud under the new Sarbanes Oxley Act Going South shows how online whistle blowers were able to uncover accounting discrepancies, and how small investors who had lost everything in HealthSouth increased their holdings by trading on a Web site dedicated to over the counter securitiesIn Going South, you ll discover How high school dropout and CEO Scrushy managed a corporation of than , employees in , clinics while leading a country western band and flying corporate jets How small investors online outsmarted analysts who hyped HealthSouth s stock Why online trading behavior in the HealthSouth case supports new theories about group decision making How the Sarbanes Oxley Act applies to executives who certify false financial recordsIf you liked The Smartest Guys in the Room, chronicling Enron s rise and fall, and Barbarians at the Gates, detailing the Wall Street frenzy over the buyout of RJR Nabisco, you ll enjoy this tale

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