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[PDF / Epub] ☉ Heavy Metal Thunder: Kick-Ass Cover Art from Kick-Ass Albums By James Sherry – Pcusati.info Revile It If You Will, Laugh It Offbut Heavy Metal S Influence And Audience Just Keep On Growing And Nowhere Is Its Brash Outrageousness Better Expressed Than On Its Album Covers This Chunky Compendium Is A Dungeonful Of Metal Overload, Complete With Leather And Spandex Panted, Huge Haired Rockers, Drooling Beasts, And Plenty Of Skulls Charting A Visual Course Of The Genre, Heavy Metal Thunder Shows The Best Album Art From Its Youthful Incarnation In The Late 70s Through The MTV Era, When Glam And Hair Metal Ruled To The Punk Inflected Revolutions Of Thrash And Nu Metal With A Grunge Side Trip To The Gory Contemporary Genres Of Grindcore, Black Metal, And Doom Page After Page Of Aggressive And Excessive Album Graphics Makes This The Perfect Gift For Both Current Metalheads And Nostalgic If Embarrassed , Thirty And Forty Somethings With Headbanging Memories.

10 thoughts on “Heavy Metal Thunder: Kick-Ass Cover Art from Kick-Ass Albums

  1. Nihils Nihils says:

    Eines vorweg Wer heuer noch der Meinung ist, Heavy Metal sei nach wie vor in irgendeiner Weise anti establishment, shocking oder per se etwas Besonderes, hat den Schuss nicht geh rt Metal ist genauso Mainstream wie Hip Hop, Techno oder Schlager allersp testens seit den fr hen 2000ern Alles ist kommerziell verwertbar und wird fr her oder sp ter verscherbelt Wer sich einbi

  2. Justin Justin says:

    James Sherry and Neil Aldis have come up with a metal must have with Heavy Metal Thunder, a collection of amazing cover artwork from some amazing metal albums Since this is a collection of artwork and not a self described encyclopedia there isn t any need to include everything, though Sherry and Aldis definitely cover the basics From Sabbath to the NWOBHM to the hair metal era to

  3. Mike Mike says:

    This is a cool book, especially if you were a metal head in the 80 s 90 s It covers all the sub genres including Glam, Thrash, Grunge, Black Metal even Nu metal The text is not bad, mostly as you would expect dealing with the album art not going too much into the music As with ...

  4. Judson Judson says:

    Honestly, giving a collection of reproduced heavy metal LP covers five stars is pretty silly Honestly, the text inside this book was pretty silly Honestly, the album covers inside this book are mostly pretty silly Honestly, the people who perform the best heavy metal ever recorded tend to be pretty silly Honestly, the entire genre called hea...

  5. Johnny Johnny says:

    You could paper your entire bedroom walls with pages from this bookif it was 1986 and you were 13 AWESOME I have made a gazillion flyers from scans of pages.

  6. Maria (Big City Bookworm) Maria (Big City Bookworm) says:

    A great collection of album covers Perfect for those interested in design.

  7. Vicky Vicky says:

    Only Metal Heads can truly judge a book by its cover

  8. Jenn Jenn says:

    Perfect gift for the metalhead enthusiast

  9. Mateo DeVries Mateo DeVries says:

    Killer Heavy Metal art work of some great albums

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