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Her Final Words Epub º Her Final  PDF or It seems like an open and shut case for FBI special agent Lucy Thorne when Eliza Cook walks into the field office The teenage girl confesses to murdering a young boy Disturbingly composed, she reveals chilling details only the killer could know Beyond that Eliza doesn t say another word, leaving a vital question met with dead silence Why did she do it To find the answer, Lucy goes to the scene of the crime in the small Idaho town of Knox Hollow But Lucy s questions are only mounting Especially when she s drawn deeper into the life of the victim Then a combing of the woods yields unsettling evidence that Eliza isn t the only one in this close knit rural community with secretsGetting to the truth is becoming Lucy s obsession And it s a dangerous one Because for the good folks of Knox Hollow, hiding that truth will take than silence

10 thoughts on “Her Final Words

  1. Christi M Christi M says:

    While only my second book by this author, it s clear that the setting and mood are important characteristics to the stories she tells.Her Final Words centers around a small town in Idaho called Knox Hollow Within its borders is a church known for its strict doctrines and

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    check back tomorrow for my review

  3. Tony Wirt Tony Wirt says:

    Brianna Labuskes has done it again, giving us another fantastic mystery to crawl inside our skulls and dance around for a bit She lays out tons of threads all over the small Idaho town of Knox Hollow, then expertly weaves them back together for a finale that will leave you unable to turn t

  4. Emma Emma says:

    A decent enough thriller, if light on the characterisation and dialogue.

  5. Gloria Gloria says:

    A motive would be nice In Seattle, FBI Special Agent Lucy Thorne looks at Eliza Cook, a teen with porcelain skin and golden white hair who just confessed to the murder of twelve year old Noah Dawson in remote Knox Hollow, Idaho Eliza had traveled far and asked for Lucy by name Agent Thorne has just one long

  6. Tracey Tracey says:

    A roller coaster of a readFBI agent Lucy Thorne goes to Knox Hollow to investigate a murder Eliza Cook has confessed to murdering a young boy, but Lucy doesn t know why she did it Once in Knox Hollow Lucy is faced with a cult like church and a town full of secrets.Her Final Words is a brilliant book that kept me hoo

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