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Her Man Of Honour eBook Ò Her Man  Kindle - To love, honour and protect It s Dr Amy Tanner s first day in the beautiful coastal village of Marraburra She s here to give her patients the best possible care, and also to uncover the truth behind her cousin s disappearance Gorgeous Sheriff Angus Ford is impressed with the new doctor s feisty courage and unquestionable skill not to mention her stunning looks But he s determined to protect Amy when she finds out the truth about her cousin Amy s intention was to settle the past and head back to her city life, but this commanding, caring man has changed her mind Is her real home in Marraburra, as the sheriff s wife

10 thoughts on “Her Man Of Honour (Medical Romance)

  1. Helen Moulden Helen Moulden says:

    The ending, to me, was very rushed It is as if there are pages missing Interesting story line but so much was missing.

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    Good read Enjoyed the plot as much as the characters Good ending.

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