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[Epub] ↠ Heritage Author Tara Ellis – Pcusati.info Great seriresGreat series Could not put this book down Full of suspense Love the story line Strong characters Ready for the next one Descent. Heritage was an alright read, but it wasn t as good as Bloodline Alex was an okay character, but she wasn t as likable as she was in book one She annoyed me a few times The pacing in this was quite slow, and at points it really bored me There was just a few too many info dumps for me I understand Heritage Download Author Tara Ellis Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Librarians Note Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN B00J5CJEPGAlex Has Managed To Stop A Viral Outbreak But Must Now Fight Her Way Out Of The Resulting Chaos To Prevent An Even Disastrous Threat After Escaping Capture By A Plotting Regime, She Calls Upon Her Friends And Own Unique Abilities To Discover Earths True Past And Fate Amid A Collapsing Society, They Battle Unseen Forces, Unlocking Ancient Secrets In An Attempt To Change The Course Of The Human Race Be Sure To Read Book One Of The Forgotten Origins Trilogy Bloodline Source Downloaded for free from.co.uk This was an okay sequel, but it did seem to have a lot of information in it.Alex changed a bit in this book, and she was lucky to have gained what she gained, without losing those who loved and trusted her Things could have gone a whole lot worse for her if this hadn t been the case.The storyline in this was okay, but there was so much information in there that it made it really heavy going I understand that the information was necessary to explain what was going on in the story, but I felt a bit bogged down by it all We did get a bit of action which was good, and there were a few things that I didn t expect I also thought that the way that the virus had morphed was a realistic continuation of the Actual Rating 3.5 starsThis is the 2nd book in the series and although I did like it ok, it really seemed to drag on with so many details and I found myself losing interest a few times I did like that Seth seems to have finally come around and the ending was pre what a great 2nd story in the forgotten origions in this book it continues where it was last left off alex now has to understand where she is from as well as finding out she was adopted and it is up to her to save mankind per sat a great story and a must for all who ia reding this collection by tara Heritage is book 2 in this great series It is set right after Alex and Chris release the anti virus to the virus that caused death and disaster all over the world It is action packed and keeps you turning pages.Alex visits the Professor that she meets in book one and he tells her that he believes that its not over and that the Munameere are looking at releasing a new version of the virus and he has been working on an anti virus which he wants Alex to take to the Senator in Montana but before they all leave Alex gets taken by the Munameere.While she is in the Munameere s lab they give her an injection that contains the new virus and Alex has to take the anti virus tablet that the Professor gave her so that she doesn t become a Shiner However the tablet isn t able to take away all of the Shiner side affects.Alex manages to escape the lap after several days of pretending to Second book in the trilogy Slower paced but a lot happened Our weary travellers have a lot to deal with I probably enjoyed the first book , but this book was information and knowledge what was going to happen On to the next book. Heritage started out a little slow as Alex recaps what happened before, catches the reader up on what s happened since the last book, and works out plans with her cabal Fortunately the slowness didn t last as long as it had with Infected and I hit the end of it without having set the book down Besides, it s not like I didn t need to know what had happened xDOnce Alex has caught up with the Professor and sorted out a plan with her team, things really take off I ll admit, I did not see what was coming I mean, I expected something, but not the something that did happen As Alex is separated from her friends, the thing I somehow thought she d m A complimentary ecopy of this book was gifted to me by the author in exchange for my honest review.Forgotten Origins has now become one of my favorite reading series Ever Heritage is a book of revelations It s also filled with action, adventure, and suspense I am a little, just a little, obsessed with the Ancient Alien Theory and this book definitely took that to a whole different level for me I cannot say whether or not any of it s real, and that is why it is just a theory, but the evidence is there I guess it s all how you interpret it I love how in this book our main character, Alex, still holds her belief in God yet, the others also believe in a Creator That held a lot of significance to me and really intrigued my thoughts.So like I stated, this book is all about revelations Alex and crew are on a quest for the truth Alex discovers who and what she is along with her role in all of this chaotic mess It is

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