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❆ Hey, Charleston!  kindle Epub ❤ Author Anne F. Rockwell – Pcusati.info What Happened When A Former Slave Took Beat Up Old Instruments And Gave Them To A Bunch Of Orphans Thousands Of Futures Got A Little Brighter And A Great American Art Form Was Born In 1891, Reverend Daniel Joseph Jenkins Opened His Orphanage In Charleston, South Carolina He Soon Had Hundreds Of Children And Needed A Way To Support Them Jenkins Asked Townspeople To Donate Old Band Instruments, Some Of Which Had Last Played In The Hands Of Confederate Soldiers In The Civil War He Found Teachers To Show The Kids How To Play Soon The Orphanage Had A Band And What A Band It Was.The Jenkins Orphanage Band Caused A Sensation On The Streets Of Charleston People Called The Band S Style Of Music Rag, A Rhythm Inspired By The African American People Who Lived On The South Carolina And Georgia Coast The Children Performed As Far Away As Paris And London, And They Earned Enough Money To Support The Orphanage That Still Exists Today.

10 thoughts on “Hey, Charleston!

  1. Lisa Lisa says:

    The orphans of Charleston needed a hero and they found one in the good Reverend This documented story makes for excellent historical fiction describing a community leader, the birth of a musical phenomenon and opens the door for extended discussion and evenresearch.There w

  2. Betsy Betsy says:

    Awesome book Fascinating story of cultural and historical significance A must read, especially for my 3rd graders, who study SC history.

  3. Annie Annie says:

    I m definitely going to be sharing this book with second graders, and pair it with some sweet ragtime music There is a Jenkins Orphanage Band video on Youtube.

  4. Book Preview Review Book Preview Review says:

    Book Description What happened when a former slave took beat up old instruments and gave them to a bunch of orphans Thousands of futures got a little brighter and a great American art form was born In 1891, Reverend Daniel Joseph Jenkins opened his orphanage in Charleston, South Carolina He soon had

  5. Teresa Bateman Teresa Bateman says:

    Extraordinary Heart touching Thought provoking It s hard to find words that do this book justice In 1891 Charleston, South Carolina, had a problem with orphans Reverend Jenkins started taking in these homeless African American kids His church was soon full, so he went to the city who gave him an old warehous

  6. S Farneth S Farneth says:

    I loved this book Anne Rockwell proves that picture books can be informative and instructive and a great way to teach history Did you ever wonder how the dance of the 1920 s, the Charleston, got its name Hey Charleston Traces the dance back to 1891 when Reverend Jenkins needed to raise funds for an orphanage he had s

  7. Emilia P Emilia P says:

    Is there a particular genre of semi feel good, really beautifully, lushly illustrated, adaptations of important moments in African American history for kids picture books I suppose this is a member of said genre, and it is lovely The story of a South Carolinian Orphanage that ended up introducing America and beyond to the joy

  8. Carol Carol says:

    This is a fascinating non fiction picture book about the beginning of Rag music It all started with a pastor of a small church in Charleston The tender hearted man began taking in orphans and caring for them He cared for them and taught them to care for themselves The group outgrew his home and they found an old warehouse that was tur

  9. Angie Angie says:

    This was a terrific, easy read I will definitely use it in my classroom when discussing the 1920 s It could also be a good lead in to Discussion of Germany s unrestricted submarine warfare at the start of World War I I have never heard this bit of history

  10. Edward Sullivan Edward Sullivan says:

    A great story about a little known piece of music history.

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