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[Ebook] ➫ Home to Roost  ➪ Bob Sheasley – Pcusati.info Reading Home To Roost Author Bob Sheasley Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Each Day, Bob Sheasley Leaves Lilyfield Farm And Heads Into The City And Each Day, He Brings Along A Basket Of Eggs For His Coworkers At The PhiladelphiaInquirer Depending On The Breed Of Hen, These Eggs May Be White, Green, Rose, Blue, Or As Brown As Chocolate And They Are All Deliciously Fresh, A Taste Of The Rural Way Of Life That People Have Enjoyed For Millennia

10 thoughts on “Home to Roost

  1. Jean Jean says:

    The book was a lovely gift from a friend, and it sounded so promising to me as a new and highly enthusiastic keeper of backyard chickens But reading it became a chore, annoying and even discomforting In depth informational forays about the

  2. Spencer Spencer says:

    I have to admit I didn t finish this book I really liked the chicken trivia I m a sucker for farm memoirs However, the prose is just way over the top When I started rolling my eyesthan once per page, I put the book down It s just too distracting.

  3. Ellen Broadhurst Ellen Broadhurst says:

    As a chicken hobby farmer, I find chickens most fascinating Layers, broilers, roosters, hens, Wyandottes, Orpingtons, Silkies and , their little lives are farinteresting than the average suburbanite choosing down on chicken nuggets might imagine The story of c

  4. Matress Matress says:

    A good read about the past, present, and possible future of the chicken and the poultry industry It s informative, engaging, and sometimes hysterically funny I learned A LOT about chickens Be forewarned, it might spoil your current shopping habits both because ofthan yo

  5. Sid Sid says:

    In short, astounding Not only is this a thoroughly researched treatise on chickens, with hundreds of endnotes and a lengthy bibliography, but it is thoroughly readable as well Sheasley adds a human touch that makes each page charming This is far from a dry recitation of facts tho

  6. Jefferson Rowland Jefferson Rowland says:

    I am researching the backyard coop yes or no I eat eggs, and want to eat good eggs, but what am I in for Most books and other written material on chicks and chickens is designed to move chicks and chickens and sell something chicken in the margins or their own embedded, hyperlinked chicken

  7. Judy Judy says:

    This is a chicken book that covers history, geography, science, religion, philosophy, mythology, medicine, commerce, advertising Also included are smatterings of archaeology and magic, love stories and public transportation Sheasley goes a bit astray at times when waxing poetic, but provides a well

  8. Ellen Ellen says:

    This book was a bit schizophrenic first there was straight reporting of all the facts you might ever want to know about chickens and then the fantasy of living just down the garden path from an Italian renaissance man with whom the author had little conversations The imaginary part was a bit forced coming fro

  9. Erika Tracy Erika Tracy says:

    I enjoyed this thoroughly, partly because I once worked in a History of Science archive and recognized Aldrovandi The author writes knowledgeably and clearly about all sorts of aspects of chicken human interaction I have my first chickens now an...

  10. Joanna Joanna says:

    I am greatly enad of my flock of backyard chickens, and this gentle meandering history of chicken dom pleased me well It was a trifle emotionally overwrought, and a bit disorganized, but had an insistent drum beat of Love This Chicken that coul...

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