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[Ebook] ↠ I Bring the Fire Parts I, II, & III: Wolves, Monsters & Chaos Author C. Gockel – Pcusati.info In The Middle Of America, On Route , Amy Lewis Has A Plan To Get To Her Grandma S House In Time For Dinner Galaxies Away Loki Is Waking Up In A Prison Cell, Strangely Without A Hangover, And With No Idea What He S Done Wrong This Time Anyway But He Does Know Thor Is Hiding Something, Odin Is Up To Something Wicked, And There Seems To Be Something He S Forgotten In This Tale That Is Equal Parts Another Fine Myth, American Gods, And Once Upon A Time, A Very Nice Midwestern Girl And A Jaded, Still Very Mischievous Loki Must Join Forces To Outwit Gods, Elves, Magic Sniffing Cats, Nosy Neighborsand One Of Humanity S Old Demons Awaking Beneath Chicago S Streets If Loki Can Remember Exactly What He S Forgotten And Amy Can Convince Him Not To Be Too Distracted By Earthly Gadgets, Her Boobs, Or Three Day Benders, They Just Might Pull It Off I Bring The Fire Is For Anyone Who Suspects Chaos And Mischief Makers Might Have Their Own Redeeming Qualities, And Anyone Who Just Wants A Good Fantasy Romp Through Modern Earth, Ancient Asgard, And Beyond THE I BRING THE FIRE SERIES I Bring The Fire Part I Wolves FREE Ebook Monsters I Bring The Fire Part II Chaos I Bring The Fire Part III In The Balance An I Bring The Fire Novella

10 thoughts on “I Bring the Fire Parts I, II, & III: Wolves, Monsters & Chaos

  1. BJ Canaway BJ Canaway says:

    Enter Loki into modern Chicago I didn t know he heard prayers but then who but someone complete desperate would attract the attention of Chaos except a young vet student fighting off a serial killer add the FBI, the ugliest dog, a grandmother and elves, season liberally with trolls, wymes and unicorns serve over the world seed and we have a recipe

  2. Chel Chel says:

    I ve read quite a few books in which an author wanted to retell the old myths from Loki s point of view, and it s been my experience that they all inadvertently paint him to be whiny, weak, and a little slimy, and change the stories too drastically to be readable in the process These books don t change the character or the stories so much as they enhance the

  3. Beth Beth says:

    Really enjoying this series I do love my trickster gods, and she s got the voice of Loki just right It doesn t come off as fan fiction as so many others do.

  4. F F says:

    The characterisation brought to the trickster god, and the touches of humour, including black humour, make this quite an easy read If she isn t already writing for Marvel they should ask her to.

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