Intrinsic Coincidences My Short Story Memoir PDF/EPUB

Intrinsic Coincidences My Short Story Memoir PDF/EPUB Have you ever had something happen to you that was very strange and you wonder how in the world did that find me You push the thoughts away, then something happens, again Something similarYou start to wonder if you recently walked under a ladder or had a black cat cross your path I know, sounds ridiculous But what about a spell OK, this is sounding very weird, so, how about coincidencesI tend to believe in coincidences, definitely, than all those other things Yet, I don t know why coincidences happen, or do they Do people draw events to them, say for example Karma Well I don t know the answers to any of this I only know that the events that happened while living in our little mountain town are true I don t know why they happened, but I do know I feel blessed that me and my family came through unharmed with only the memories as a consequence And so I share my story

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