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[ Ebook ] ➨ Thatcher for Beginners Author Peter Pugh – Pcusati.info This is a detailed and compact little guide that does cram plenty of facts and stats into its modest size As well as giving us some nice background and build up to the Thatcher years, allowing us a longer view, showing us many of the factors and people who would influence Thatcher, the likes of Hayek, Friedman and Alfred Sherman We also learn of the importance of Keith Joseph, the IEA Institute of Economic Affairs and the CPS Centre Policy Studies on emerging Thatcherism It also mentions the employment of Gordon Reece and the Saatchi Brothers, which would become vital in the bid to rebrand her image, making her appealing to the electorate Monetarism, privatisation, the Falklands and the Poll Tax are all in here too.According to this book, during the 80s there were no less than 28 revisions to the way unemployment figures were measured I wonder why Anyone would think that the government had something they wanted to hide In May 79 the month when Thatcher came to power , there were 1.09 million registered unemployed, this would rise to a high of 3.13 million in July 86, before declining again years later The facts reflect that Thatcher excelled in making a lot of rich people richer and a lot of poor people poorer Despite being hugely unpopular and damaging to large areas of the country, some of her policies were necessary, without doubt the unions were getting too strong, greedy and bloated in power and needed r Margaret Thatcher S Political Career Was One Of The Most Remarkable Of Modern Times She Rose To Become The First Woman To Lead A Major Western Democracy, Serving As British Prime Minister Admired By Ronald Regan And The United States Congress, Introducing Thatcherism Looks At The Political Philosophy Behind This Influential And Controversial Woman. It s mostly pictures almost like reading a comic book version of spitting image but less funny and informative Good if you want to dip your foot into the Thatcher Pool instead of going head first. A good read. Margaret Thatcher s political career was one of the most remarkable of modern times She rose to become the first woman to lead a major Western democracy, serving as British Prime Minister Admired by R . I believe I have a better overall understanding of the woman and her impact on politics since reading this book, but I felt that the book assumed a certain degree of prior knowledge, which I didn t have For example, it talked about Black Monday and about closed ballots without any further explanation of what this meant, which was frustrating Toward the end, there was a heavy emphasis on economics, which I also struggled with A reasonable introduction for me, but I fee

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