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➪ Jake (Men of Clifton Montana, #1)  Read ➲ Author Susan Fisher-Davis – Pcusati.info You know those authors you ve heard of, have seen their book covers around, but somehow, not manage to read one of their books for awhile Hangs head Okay, I admit this is the case with me and books by Susan Fisher Davis You can bet I m kicking myself right now Better late than never, right Jake is the first book in the Men of Clifton Montana series Cowboys Check Small town setting Check More stories to come Check Yep, I ve found me a new series to devour Maybe it s not too bad of a thing that I ve waited this long, because I ll have plenty of reading material to keep me occupied I love that Becca and Jake didn t hit it off immediately Yes, there was a strong attraction, but they both pushed it out of their minds, and that began the sexual tension between the two It was fun watching the two realize they couldn t deny the attraction, and Becca needed to put her doubts behind her There s also a suspense element in the story I was hooked on That kept me up a little la I loved it such a great book couldn t be happier to find a new series Jake Becca melted my heart I fell in love w Becca ranch hands as well All the characters are great hope to see Jake was my favorite character when he called her Red or darlin i was in a puddle of love Olivia cracked me up That girl is a pistol Can t wait to read her story She is like a lion after a side of meat Then there is Becca So shy polite but gave Jake a run for his money She made sure to cjew him up Genre Contemporary, Erotic RomanceContent M F, Oral SexLength NovelHeat Level ScorchingReviewer MarchelleDate February 26, 2015 Oh my Those are the only words that cross my lips when I look at the cover of this book This cover is seriously hot and right when I saw it, I knew I had to have this book As much as I love this cover, I loved the writing, the storyline, and the characters Susan Fisher Davis has a made new fan for life I am so impressed with this book, that this author is now going into buy anything she writes list Jake is book one in the Men of Clifton Montana I really enjoyed this book It s not my typical genre either, so I am very happy that I went out of my comfort zone. Jake is the first in the series of the Clifton Men and I will confess what a scorching read.The story unfolds with Ms Hattie passing away and Becca is left to live on the ranch for six months Jake is not about to let Becca come and mess up the productive ranch business Only Becca is intrigued to who the hot cowboy is Plans take just a little detour which keep you turning the pages, this book has mystery, adventure, romance and hot intimacy If you li That cover was shot by the BRILLIANT Eric Battershell Is it wrong that I want to do naughty, dirty things to the cover the model FANTASTIC ADVENTURE AND ROMANCEStory begins with the introduction of the Stone brothers Author created very dynamic and gorgeous men and in this book, Jake, the eldest, is the main topic Here he meets Becca who arrives to inherit her grandmother s horse r Jake Men Of Clifton Montana, 1 Read Author Susan Fisher Davis Jobs In Kingston.co.uk Jake Stone Isn T Happy About Hattie S Granddaughter Suddenly Appearing To Take Over Her Ranch After Hattie S Death, But He Knows She D Want Him To Make Her Welcome He Just Didn T Expect To Like The Stubborn Redhead Quite So Much.Becca Daniels Has Inherited A Horse Ranch From A Grandmother She Never Knew To Sell It, She Has To Live On It For Six Months Otherwise, It Goes Up For Auction Now It Seems Someone Else Wants It And Is Trying To Run Her Off.Now, With Her Horses Stolen, Her Home Invaded, And Threats Made Against Her If She Doesn T Leave, Becca Doesn T Know Where To Put Her Trust What Sinister Plot Is Underway To Force Her Hand Worst Of All, Could The Gorgeous Cowboy Who S Managed To Steal Her Heart Be Behind It All A 5star ride If you like gorgeous cowboys, this is a story not to be missed When someone messes with a lady rancher who Jake just happens to want, all hell breaks loose It s a wild ride as he teams up with his 2 brothers, ranch hands, her friends and the sheri

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