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[BOOKS] ✴ Jesus the Forgiving Victim  ✻ James Alison – Pcusati.info Jesus The Forgiving Victim Offers Something Quite Fresh In The Field Of Introductions To Faith And Christian Orthodoxy By Restoring To The Christian Life The Wonder And Transformative Power Of Discovering Not Some New Biblical Fact Or Church Doctrine, But That You Are Loved Far Than You Know In Reading These Four Books Of Essays, You Will Undertake A Journey Of Discovery That Will Open Your Heart And Mind To Discovering New Things About Yourself And Your Faith It Is A Journey From Fake Goodness, From A False And Insecure Self, To Relaxing Into A Goodness And Security Not Your Own, But In Which You Discover Yourself Held By God And It Is A Journey From A Unity That Needs To Create Victims Toward A Unity Received From The Risen And Forgiving Victim In Our Midst James Alison Hopes Jesus The Forgiving Victim Will Be A Meaningful Part Of Your Journey Toward A Deeper Faith And Fuller Life In Christ.

10 thoughts on “Jesus the Forgiving Victim

  1. Andrew Marr Andrew Marr says:

    James Alison is one of the most vital and imaginative theologians I know Raising Abel is one of my favorite theology books of all time After publishing several books of provocative and powerful essays and papers, he now gives us a systematic catechesis of Christian thought and life Please do not be alarmed at the thought of a catechetical book It s like nothing you have read unless you ve read s

  2. Victoria Gaile Victoria Gaile says:

    This is an excellent, accessible, frequently entertaining book that pulls together and re presents much of what Alison has been working through over the past ten years Readers familiar with his earlier work will appreciate the further development, integration, or smoother presentation of familiar themes newcomers will have the pleasure of encountering the material in a systematically developed ma

  3. Naum Naum says:

    Nearly finished re reading this and thus, needed to revisit my review here This is a brilliant book set of books 4 individual books that tally up to a nearly 600 page book Much better consumed in book let form than on the Kindle perhaps because I frequently flipped back to previous essays the book is comprised of 12 essays that masterfully build on each other James Alison lays out a way of seeing

  4. S S says:

    Must read if you have a special place for Kinetic theory in your heart.James Allison takes you through the bible and what Christ has done for us via resurrection, through the lens of mimetic theory It s one of those books which will change your reality.

  5. Jack Hartjes Jack Hartjes says:

    Great theology from the perspective of society s victims Alison is a gay Catholic priest I saw some of the Bible stories in a new way.

  6. Marko Jerina Marko Jerina says:

    Sometimes a bit all over the place, but all in all challenging and insightful reading.

  7. Sister Anne Sister Anne says:

    This is a kind of study series but I read it as a collection of short books Lots of great insights from Alison s reading of Rene Girard.

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