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[BOOKS] ✪ Just Enough  By Azby Brown – Pcusati.info EPUB Just Enough Author Azby Brown Bandcamptomp3.co.uk The World Has Changed Immeasurably Over The Last Thirty Years, With , Bigger, Better Being The Common Mantra But In The Midst Of This Constantly Evolving World, There Is A Growing Community Of People Who Are Looking At Our History, Searching For Answers To Issues That Are Faced Everywhere, Such As Energy, Water, Materials, Food And Population Crisis In Just Enough, Author Azby Brown Turned To The History Of Japan, Where He Finds A Number Of Lessons On Living In A Sustainable Society That Translate Beyond Place And Time This Book Of Stories Depicts Vanished Ways Of Life From The Point Of View Of A Contemporary Observer, And Presents A Compelling Argument Around How To Forge A Society That Is Conservation Minded, Waste Free, Well Housed, Well Fed And Economically Robust Included At The End Of Each Section Are Lessons In Which Brown Elaborates On What Edo Period Life Has To Offer Us In The Global Battle To Reverse Environmental Degradation Covering Topics On Everything From Transportation, Interconnected Systems, And Waste Reduction To The Need For Spiritual Centers In The Home, There Is Something Here For Everyone Looking To Make Changes In Their Life Just Enough Is Much Needed Beacon In Our Evolving World, Giving Us Hope In Our Efforts To Achieve Sustainability Now.

10 thoughts on “Just Enough

  1. Ietrio Ietrio says:

    Just enough is far from just enough it is a long text about how Japan was at the times rich in resources and poor in resources Make up your mind before writing the book, please So far living green means wasting paper on botanical sketches, ugly too

  2. Natalia Weir Natalia Weir says:

    This book has some really interesting ideas Written by an architect, so has many insights about ancient Japanese architecture and sustainable city planning.

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