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➻ Just in Time for a Highlander (Sirens of the Scottish Borderlands, #1)  Free ➱ Author Gwyn Cready – Pcusati.info It S Tough Being A Woman In A Man S Profession, Especially For Abby Kerr, The Unexpected Chieftess Of Clan Kerr Loathe To Marry But In Need Of A Strong Arm, Abby Wishes For A Scots Warrior And Gets Duncan, The Historical Reenactment Hobbyist.Wall Street Impresario Duncan MacHarg Isn T Bad With A Fencing Foil, But He S No Highlander When A Misdirected Spell Plucks Him From The 21st Century, He Lands In 1705 Scotland At The Feet Of The Fiercest Woman He S Ever Laid Eyes On

10 thoughts on “Just in Time for a Highlander (Sirens of the Scottish Borderlands, #1)

  1. Heather C Heather C says:

    Aww man I really wanted to love this, but it didn t work for me at all I mean I like highlanders and I love time travel, but I can t say that I liked anything about this book by the time I gave up at 74%.I knew after the first few chapters that my tastes were not meshing with the writing, but I forged on because I got this book as a review copy and I felt like it deserved my efforts Sadly, it

  2. Dianne Dianne says:

    Be careful what or who you wish for, you may just getthan you bargained for Time travel, a hot guy in a kilt and a young woman with the weight of her clan on her shoulders, add an ill timed wish and the arrow of an enemy and POOF one magical spell is cast Just in Time for a Highlander by Gwyn Cready is a light hearted romp through time as one Wall Street Warrior finds that pushing paper and re enacti

  3. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    I m not a fan of time travel romance or beta heroes, and I tend to shy away from new to me authors So why did I pick up a book which had three strikes against it going in Plain and simple I m a cover whore AndH E L L Othis cover had me from across the room Paul Marron on the cover is a plus anyday What a delight The story, the characters, the humor, the banter Duncan fumbles and tumbles in his place out of t

  4. Heather Heather says:

    I had mixed feelings on this time travel romance by Gwyn Cready Part of that I think just stems from the fact that it is the first in a new series For this reason the author has to include a lot of back story to lay the foundation for future books Much of this foundation can seem unnecessary for this book but is needed in future books However, I thought it was a great twist to have a female head of the clan Kerr Of

  5. Scandal (Scandalicious Book Reviews) Scandal (Scandalicious Book Reviews) says:

    I really enjoyed this book time travel with a twist, this time the guy goes back and the woman wears the immmmmmmm pants kiltoh and naked sword fighting for the win

  6. Talk Supe Talk Supe says:

    Surprisingly funny Unexpectedly touching Impossible plot yet very engaging Entertaining banter Hella sexy Great new fantasy series That about sums up JUST IN TIME FOR A HIGHLANDER by Gwyn Cready Since Outlander hit the small screen, time travel romance is trending and we re seeing a lot of these Highland romances lately I haven t read much myself, but I can give Sirens of the Scottish Borderlands a solid recommendation The premise

  7. Katie Katie says:

    This was actually a pretty decent novel It s not what I really thought it be, which is both a good and bad thing is It was a good thing, because the plot was a unique one that I hadn t really read before It was pretty different in this aspect However, it was also a bad thing, because I thought that it d be a better read than it really was It got pretty boring in some places and then it started to pick back up again It was a lot like stop a

  8. Jonel Boyko Jonel Boyko says:

    I don t remember the last time that I laughed so hard and so often while reading a novel Cready has definitely written a fun and eventful novel She develops this world in such a way that readers can easily picture the events in question She also tells a very intricate story that takes into account the time period in question, while writing with creative liberty that makes the story so original I loved these characters They were such a ridiculously

  9. Monica **can& Monica **can& says:

    JUST IN TIME FOR A HIGHLANDER is a time travel romance with a twist Not only is it the hero who is thrown back in time in this one, but the heroine is the leader of an 18th century Scottish clan Duncan, running in downtown Pittsburgh chasing after fellow reenactors, suddenly finds himself thrown right in the middle of a skirmish that he is woefully unprepared Abby hs accidentally summoned him via the questionable help from her friend Undine who just happe

  10. Carlia Carlia says:

    I wanted to love this, but it didn t work for me at all I mean I love highlanders and I love time travel, but I can t say that I liked much about this book.Here is this seemingly intelligent guy who suddenly ends up several hundred years in the past and he s ready to stay there forever and marry Abigail after TWO DAYS Oh, and Abigail has been nothin...

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