[Ebook] Killer (Choices, #1) By Edward Bettin Jr. – Pcusati.info

[Ebook] Killer (Choices, #1)  By Edward Bettin Jr. – Pcusati.info Alternate Cover Edition For 9781301353446Avery Powell, The Son Of Prime Minister Markus Powell A Contract Killer In The Army, He Must Kill Those His Father Thinks Of As A Threat To The Crown When He Gets A Contract To Kill A Boy He Loves, Will He Do It Or Choose To Spare The Boys Life Whatever He Chooses, There Will Always Be Consequences. Idea had promise Liked the inner turmoil of MC Avery Problems were big though EDIT PLEASE Wrong words used Remember spell check does not spotlight the wrong word spelled correctly Typos abound Continuity was a problem ie MC It s what Canada 2250 And Slavery was reintroduced into the country African Americans, Native Americans, Chinese Americans and children were all forced to work for little to nothing of pay Women had all their rights taken away and were left in a dismal state of property, just like it was back in the awesome book, really enjoyed it, looking forward to the next one, a MUST read

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