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[[ PDF / Epub ]] ☁ Les Liaisons dangereuses Author Pierre Choderlos de Laclos – Pcusati.info Les Liaisons Dangereuses Author Pierre Choderlos De Laclos Jwdfitness.co.uk Al Abrigo De Una Sociedad Hip Crita Y V Ctima De Las Apariencias, Dos Arist Cratas Amorales Como La Marquesa De Merteuil Y El Vizconde De Valmont Viven De Acuerdo Con Sus Gustos Libertinos En Eseentorno Tan Falto De Escr Pulos Como Lleno De Deseos Y De Af N De Sometimiento, La Marquesa Le Propone Al Vizconde De Valmont Un Dif Cil Reto Seducir A La Virtuosa Madame De Tourvel. When you rate a book, do you consider the introduction written by a different person , appendices, blurbs and entries in Wikipedia I mean do you consider the historical background of the story the life story of the author it s impact to whatever since its first publication Or you ignore all of them and just rate the story as if you do not know anything about those Two schools of thought I know some people just read and then rate the story only I know some who read not only the whole book but everything interesting about it aside from what is provided in their book s edition.I belong to the second one and this is one of the reasons why I like historical, biographical or biblical fictions.That is also the reason why I am giving this book, Les Liaisons Dangereuses Dangerous Liaisons by Choderlos de Laclos first published as a book in 1782 , a 4 star rating I really liked it.There is almost nothing to like about the story if you read it from the perspective of a 21st century reader. The despicable, cunning, conniving, wicked, inutile, gullible characters are definitely not new to any of us, regular fiction readers We all know those from the myriad of characters in novels and other forms of literature The epistolary form of storytelling is not new to me too Think 84, Charing Cross Road or Clarissa A novel originally written in beautiful language like French is common now.But check this novel s history 1 Laclos 1741 1 Dangerous Liaisons improves as it progresses I was tempted to abandon it, but I persisted and am glad, for although this epistolary novel of the last days of the ancien regime initially appears to be stylish but superficial it soon grows in both subtlety and power Many of the difficulties of the book are perhaps inevitable in any work that chronicles seduction in epistolary form The letters of the wicked are elegant, the letters of the good are instructive, but the letters of the naive and innocent are by necessity simple and ingenuous, and their lack of awareness both taxes the patience and dissipates the interest of the reader, all the so because they aggravate his sympathies and frustrate his moral impulses at the same time Moreover, once we accustom ourselves to the novel s stylistic beauties, we become aware that the other literary pleasures we receive from it are not only emotionally coarse and morally perverse, but also devoid of suspense, as we watch those who are invincible in wickedness debauch the defensele An absolutely magnificent novel To think that it was published in 1782, seven years before the French Revolution Libert galit fraternitIt has been argued that the novel thus caught a doomed aristocracy distracted by decadent and libertine ways that would soon be its undoing The gift the novel s main characters d Oh the painful brilliance of these letters Someone recently said to me that it is sad that people have stopped writing old fashioned letters, being so much personal and private than the frequently impolite, monosyllabic insults people tend to spit out on Twitter, Facebook and in various comment threads on the internet I agreed, but continued to think about it, and all of a sudden, this epistolary novel came to my mind in all its passionate evil power.Choderlos de Laclos certainly is a perfect example of the good old times that were not really better, and that featured the same hateful, jealous, treacherous, spiteful characters, happy to engage in intrigues and dangerous games with high stakes, always exposed to the threat of publication of written evidence Sex and power, twisted love and betrayal those ingredients make up the plot of this exquisite, polyphonic selection of letters written between various protagonists, playing a game of seduction with each other in different formations.In the end, they all pay the price for their game There is one letter especially that reminds me of what teenagers thoughtlessly do today copying, spreading or retweeting evil comments without thinking of the consequences until they feel the effects like a boomerang coming back full speed.The evil, jealous Marquise de Merteuil challenges her lover, the Vicomte de Valmont, t

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