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[BOOKS] ✮ Latin for Children, Primer C Author Aaron Larsen – Pcusati.info The Latin For Children Primer Series Is An Engaging, Incremental, Creative Line Of Textbooks Filled With Clear Grammatical Explanations, Illustrations, Exercises, Tests, And A Sizable And Useful Reference Section Each Text Comes With A Plethora Of Mnemonic Aids Songs, Chants That Enable Students To Learn Vocabulary Over Of The Most Frequently Occurring Words And Grammar With Ease And Delight The Texts Are Graphically Engaging, Featuring A Crisp, Classical Look Professionally Designed Each Primer Has Available Sold Separately Answer Keys Features The Actual Text With Answers In Bold Print DVDs Chant CD Offers Chapter By Chapter Training By The Author With Students The Chant Cd Contains All Vocabulary Words Chanted And Sung In Both The Classical Ecclesiastical Pronunciations History Readers Read Latin Stories From History That Are Geared Towards What Is Being Learned In Each Primer Activity Books Play Games And Puzzles That Help To Ingrain The Latin Vocabulary And Grammar From Each Primer These Books Are The Collaborative Effort Of Three Latin Teachers, And Are The Fruit Of Seven Years Of Research And Testing Caveat Emptor Let The Buyer Beware , These Books Have Made Latin The Favorite Subject Of Many Students Around The Nation Integrated With Shurley Grammar Latin Stories Integrated With Veritas History Curricula Classical Or Ecclesiastical Pronunciation Your Choice Inside All Three Texts Videos Integrated And Clear Explanations Of Grammar In Every Chapter High Frequency Latin Words In Each Text Workbook Format, Chapters Proposed Teaching Timeline One Chapter A Week , Perfect Bound Book Tests, Games And Puzzles In The Text Professional And Classical Lay Out And Design Quickly Rising Latin Series Among Classical Schools And Home Schools Yearly Revision Of Each Text Based On Critical Feedback Of Our Customers Each Book Primers B C Is A Succession Upon The Previous Book They Are Intended To Be Taught Sequentially Beginning With Primer A Target Grade Rd And Moving Up The Alphabet, One Book Per School Year

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