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[Ebook] Lehm, kes ronis puu otsa By Gemma Merino – Pcusati.info Tiina Ei Ole Samasugune Nagu Teised Lehmad Talle Meeldib Uurida, Avastada Ja Unistada Kas Tal Nnestub N Idata Oma Dedele, Et Elus On Muudki Peale Rohus Mise M Tlemapanev Ja Naljakas Pildiraamat Julgustab Proovima Uusi AsjuGemma Merinolt On Varem Eesti Keeles Ilmunud Lasteraamatud Krokodill, Kellele Ei Meeldinud Ujuda Ja Lammas, Kes Haudus Muna

10 thoughts on “Lehm, kes ronis puu otsa

  1. paula paula says:

    There are many many MANY MANY MANY picture books about individuals of various species bucking the expectations inherent to their taxon there are penguins that can t swim, sheep that want to rule the world, there s at least one sleepy rooster and I can think of two hippos who want to be ballerinas But I like this one.I like that Tina doesn t sulk or rail when

  2. Viviane Elbee Viviane Elbee says:

    Kids were instantly excited when I pulled out this book because the title and cover are so fun They voted to give this book 5 stars when we got to the end, and were very pleased with Tina, the little cow The length is just right for younger children, but even older children in elementary school will enjoy this.

  3. Mississippi Library Commission Mississippi Library Commission says:

    The Cow Who Climbed a Tree has just enough silliness to please even the pickiest picture book reader, while still imparting a beautiful message about daring to be different and following your dreams We loved Tina the Cow and we think you will, too.

  4. Heidi-Marie Heidi-Marie says:

    Adorable illustrations Good lessons about believing, dreaming, hoping, and doing something about it, as well as acceptance and even sharing Not too didactic to nauseate me Will try in a storytime You know me and cows.1 25 17 Used as closer in C preschool theme It went very well They loved the dragon One girl pointed it out each time it was on a page even the last one.

  5. Ova - Excuse My Reading Ova - Excuse My Reading says:

    If you re looking for a story about thinking out of the box and not accepting the boundaries people try to set to you look noOK, I like The Crocodile who didn t like waterbut this one also is a fab book to read.

  6. Maggie Maggie says:

    Very cute story of a cow who doesn t quite fit in with her sisters, goes on an adventure, and meets a magical friend in the forest Beautiful water spot illustrations and a great story time read.

  7. Casandria Casandria says:

    A great book about exploring CowsImagination

  8. Arielle Arielle says:

    cute nice story message maybe 4.5 stars

  9. Jennifer B. Jennifer B. says:

    Really great Will encourage kids who dare to be different and not be limited by what other people except from them.

  10. Alyssa Tabor Alyssa Tabor says:

    Very cute A little long, but could probably be adapted for storytime.

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