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!!> Ebook ➥ Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species ➦ Author Paul T. Hellyer – Pcusati.info This Book Reflects The Mature Judgment Of An Author With Broad Experience In And Out Of Public Life It Sets Out In Stark And Unvarnished Terms Most Of The World S Major Problems The Human Species Is Hell Bent For Extinction Unless We Change Our Attitudes And Actions With An Urgency Appropriate To Impending Disaster Paul Hellyer Suggests That We Have About Ten Years To Wean Ourselves From The Oil Economy And Profoundly Regrets That The Copenhagen Conference Reflected Little Progress In That Direction The Whole Atmosphere Was One That Reminded Him Of Emperor Nero Fiddling While Rome Burned World Leaders Simply Have To Do Better The Book Outlines The Three Monumental Changes Required To Accommodate The Miracle First, The Book Claims That Exotic Energy Sources Already Exist They Have Been Developed By The U.S Shadow Government At The Massive Underground Black Operation Installations In Nevada And Arizona Using Technology Borrowed From Visitors From Other Planets Yet They Remain Secret For The Alleged Benefit Of The Privileged Few Second, The Money Has To Be Found To Subsidize Poor Nations And Facilitate Major Changes This Can Be Accomplished By A Fundamental Re Working Of The Monetary And Banking System Bank Leverages Must Be Dramatically Reduced And The Percentage Of Virtual Money They Create As Debt Strictly Limited So That Governments Can Gain The Financial Flexibility To Finance The Transition To Sustainability Finally It Will Be Necessary For All Countries, Races, Faiths And Colors To Drop Their Antagonisms And Work Together In Common Purpose To Save The Heritage They Have In Common Paul Hellyer S Story Is An Important Contribution To The Literature Of Modern Western Civilization His Experience In Government, His Interest In Exopolitics And The Issues Of Sustainability Of Civilization Are Significant Areas Of Current Discourse Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D, Apollo 14 Astronaut

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  1. Gerald Maclennon Gerald Maclennon says:

    Beams of Light from a Well Respected Statesman September 18, 2010Unlike our Asian counterparts, the West often fails to accord our wise elders the honor they deserve the status they have earned by devoting their lives to love of, and service to humankind Paul Hellyer of Canada is one such man Born in 1923, he is very much a hero of the 20th century yet he continues his vigorous momentum into the

  2. Antonio Fleischer Antonio Fleischer says:

    Paul Hellyer is ex canadian minister of defence What he has to say, form his own long political experience, is highly interesting, for those who seek understanding of our current global problems, and seek for wisdom and solutions to bring about a prosper and peaceful world.

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