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[Ebook] ↠ 純潔のマリア 1 Author Masayuki Ishikawa – Pcusati.info PURITY AND POWER As A War To Determine The Rightful Ruler Of Medieval France Ravages The Land, It Seems That The Only Hope For Most, Is Protection From The Heavens Above Through Prayer But Deep In The Forest Outside Of A Small, Bucolic Village, The Witch Maria Will Not Stand Idly By As Men Kill Each Other And Commit Horrendous Acts In The Name Of God And Glory Using Her Powerful Magic, She Ll Summon Various Beasts And Demons Even Going As Far As Using A Succubus To Seduce Soldiers Into Submission Under The Veil Of Night All To Stop The Needless Slaughter However, Maria S Display Of Her Magical Might Has Drawn The Ire Of The Kingdom Of Heaven And After The Archangel Michael Puts An End To Her Meddling, He Curses Her To Lose Her Powers If She Ever Gives Up Her Virginity Will She Forgo The Forbidden Fruit Of Adulthood In Order To Bring An End To The Merciless Machine Of War

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  1. MC MC says:

    Maria the Virgin Witch is an interesting concept for a manga series Set in Europe in the periods of massive wars between England and France Joan of Arc and all that , it stars a youngish looking girl named Maria, who is also a witch and a virgin This will come

  2. Claire Claire says:

    This is not a review of this individual volume, but of the series as a whole A manga trilogy with an awesome sounding premise and fantastic artwork that turned out to be surprisingly boring, with a messy plot and characters who could do almost nothing but make jokes about the

  3. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Set against the 100 Years War between France and England, this book deals with weird stereotypes of the period, lots of oral sex, and a mish mosh of religions that is kind of dizzying I m still not sure what I think of it.For a objective,...

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